Cozy Toes and Christmas Candles

I apologise for having been a little awol of late, I had no idea how much work second year of uni is, nor can I understand how I am able to fit 30 hours a week in and work, and in-between catching sleep and creating recipes only a brassic student could think of, I haven't been able to sit down and put words onto the screen. Alas, here I am!  (Aside - I am such an avid reader of all of the blogs I currently follow and am always on a quest to find more, if you think I should take a peek at yours leave me a comment below!)

Now, we had a house party the other night and low and behold there were a million and one people in our humble abode and the place got trashed. There were empty bottles and cans everywhere, balloons and balls from the ball pit in the hallway and up the stairs, pumpkin seeds all over the kitchen and just general mess waiting to be cleared up. For some reason no-one could find even five minutes the next day to attempt to clean up (bearing in mind here I was at work doing an eight hour shift - yes, some students have careers/jobs too!). So, me being me, and the kind of house proud girl that a housewife of years past would have been envious of, I took it upon myself to clean up. Everything. In the process my beloved UGG boot style slippers from M&S two christmases ago got ruined in the schmuck in the yard when I was removing the rubbish *cue crying face!*. So that meant I had to go shopping and came home with these oh so cozy fluffy pink booties - £9.99 from New Look. 

Naturally I feel the need to sort of defend my spending of late. I just have to say that yes, my course, BA Criminology, is exciting, but I cannot compare it to my other pastimes and pursuits. To be honest, who really wants to sit down and read a Statistics textbook or the history of the British Police when they could be out spending their overdrafts and loans like I have. Material girl.com - hint hint, I like stuff! So when I realised that Christmas is but a mere 8 weeks and 4 paydays away (thank-you McDonald's for fortnightly money!) I had to pop out and scour the shelves for the offerings from this year's christmas collections in Boots, River Island, New Look and Topshop. I love the Boots 3 for 2 offer and will no doubt be returning to pick up bits and pieces for the fan but I really couldn't help but buy myself this cute pink wash bag from Soap & Glory. It's £20 and contains a mini version of their pink spritz, eyelashes, their eyebrow pencil and lipgloss. I also ventured into River Island purely on the premise of buying a satchel and my eye caught the pull of the glitter in these Model's Own polishes (£10 for 3! They retail each at £5.) and this NYX glitter palette. The palette confuses me somewhat because it says on the back 'not for intended use around the eye area' or words to that effect, yet it comes with three eyeshadow applicators and funnily enough a lip brush. If anyone can offer me any guidance on this then I will be grateful. 

Lastly for now, I must tell you about my gorgeous christmas candle I got from Tesco for around £2. It smells of cinnamon and spiced apple and really fills up any room. I've had so many compliments about it it's making me want to keep it burning so I can see what other Christmas smells I can buy. Yes, I know we're only in early November but the rate these months are moving it'll be New Year before you know it! 

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