Damn You Blogger!

Hey team!

You know when you write some fabulous posts about exciting things you want to share, like my recent head over heels love for Vivo Cosmetics at Tesco (I'm late to the party, I know, but my Tesco has only just stocked up properly and made the stand look all nice and appealing) or indeed my latest snaps on Instagram, or OOTD's, and you say 'hey Blogger, be ever so kind and publish this post at this time on this day will you please' and Blogger takes absolutely no notice and posts nothing. Ever happened to you?

Well I'm off to Florida in the morning, (well to London and then to Florida) so unless Blogger sorts it's life out and helps me by posting the scheduled things then I'm going to be a bit MIA for the next two weeks while I gorge on lots of food and have lots of fun in Disneyworld!

I'm armed with my dollars, my quest for exciting products and a list as long as my 5'7 body in terms of shopping...first off will be World Duty Free for a YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation for a cool £24 instead of nigh on £30, followed by a trip to Walmart for Covergirl, Physician's Formula Happy Booster products and some Maybelline Baby Lips. I might even drag my BF to Sephora so he can hold the basket, sorry Joseph!

So I'll be back with y'all in two weeks, in the meantime I'll be posting on Twitter (@louisekwilliams) and on Instagram (@louisekwilliams) a lot.

And don't forget to enter my MAC giveaway here :-)


  1. Argh, YES - that happens to me every single time I schedule a post, it has never once worked for me! I gave up on it long ago.
    Hope it works for you this time, have a lovely hol!
    Mel x


  2. Very jealous of you going to Disney land, and just Florida in general. Hope you have a fantastic time!! :D x

  3. I think Sephora needs to add shopping carts! Enjoy Disney and all the strange wonders of Americana!


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