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As most of you know I'm following the Slimming World plan in a bid to get myself back on track physically and mentally. I'm always up for finding new ideas for SW friendly meals so that I don't get bored and hunt out rubbish to eat, and this morning I woke up with a massive craving for pancakes, and so pancakes I did make!
I think they came out rather well, they were delicious, fluffy and have so far kept me filled right up until lunch - I think these will fast become one of our favourite breakfast meals. I managed to make eight smaller pancakes with my mixture and so J and I had four each with some blueberries and bananas - yummy!
To make these delicious syn free, flour free, milk free, and sugar free pancakes you will need:

35g plain porridge oats
1 Mullerlight yoghurt (I vote vanilla, vanilla with choc sprinkles, or toffee flavours)
2 x medium eggs
Fruit (any of your choice to top).
Fry light.

1. Mix oats and muller light together and leave in the fridge overnight, or for around an hour or two. This will give the oats some time to soak up the yoghurt and leave you with a thick porridge consistency.
2. Once you're happy with the consistency of your oats remove them from the fridge and crack and whisk two whole eggs and the sweetener (however much you'd like, I like my pancakes more on the sweet side so I added about 6 tea spoons to the bowl) to make a runny oaty consistency.
3. Spray some fry light in a non-stick frying pan and pre heat it on the stove.
4. I used a ladle at this stage to try and make my pancakes all the same shape and size, but you can use what ever you'd like to spoon some mixture out and pop it into the heated pan.
5. Flip the pancake over to let it cook on the other side once the edges start to look cooked. I'd say let each side cook for about 2-3 minutes.
6. Repeat until you've used all of your mixture.
7. Stack the pancakes and top them with any fresh fruit that you enjoy, or even a small drizzle or maple syrup or honey.
8. Devour and enjoy!

What do you think of this recipe?
What's your favourite pancake topping?


  1. This sounds very interesting! It is a strange take on pancakes using yogurt and oats as the main ingredients but I think it could be tasty!


  2. Nice recipe, I use something similar. Danielle xx


  3. Thank you so much for writing this post, I have been looking for a recipe like this for so long! Can I just ask - the Slimming World plan, would you recommend it? Has it been manageable? :) PS Consider me a new follower :)

    Ella, x



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