#Blogmas Day Six: What's In My Work Bag?

Morning :) I've woken up to a frost covered wonderland, brrr what a chilly day!

Seeing as a I work in a bit of an unconventional job, I thought it'd be fun to show you the inside of my work bag today because it doesn't contain the necessary items that say an office worker would need (paperwork, laptop etc etc). More often than not I do also have some bits of paperwork in my bag so that I can read up about new promotions, the updated cash policy and so on, but for confidentiality and company policy reasons I can't show them to you here.

Anyhow, I'm currently sporting a Ted Baker Large Bow Shopper as my work bag. It's patent, spash proof and is big enough for me to fit in my huge management development folders that I need for my promotion, just perfect! I chose a black bag because it's hard to pair anything bright and wintery with a grey skirt a a mustard yellow belt (but that's a rant about my uniform that I'll save for another day!).

Inside my bag you'll find my hat, apron and the QRG, which is basically a McDonald's bible that has all the nitty bitty information inside of it that I need to know on a daily basis to help me run the restaurant. Like how long it takes to toast a hamburger bun, and on what compression setting I should have my toasters at and other such information. I'm forever praying that I don't have to go into the kitchen though because I'm clumsy and end up burning myself a lot!

You'll also find bits of stationery in my bag for when I'm working my admin days and looking after the restaurant's training. I use a Jack Wills makeup case as my pencil case which houses many highlighters, black biros and Sharpie markers (and of course my precious Tip-Ex Mouse!). I have my Employee of The Month sticky note set for reminders to my training squad and apprentices, and also my Erin Condren life planner which does exactly that: it holds my entire life inside of it!
I also, of course have a selection of lip products usually floating about in my bag, and a pocket mirror to help me apply them. I also usually carry a mini deodorant and a spare pair of tights too but neither of those were in my bag when I took my photos!

Finally I will usually have some kind of snack in my bag to munch either while I walk to work, or walk home from work (9 hours on your feet is hungry work!). This time I had yoghurt coated fruit flakes, yummy! Of course I carry my keys with me so that I can actually get home after a long day, and some delightful cotton candy body spray and a mini Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream rollerball perfume to keep me smelling sweet throughout the day. My final item in my bag is my personal McBible that I'm using to house all of the passwords for the computer programmes that we use, as well as any financial and business information about the restaurant that I need to learn for my promotion. I don't know what I'd do without it!

What do you carry in your work bag?


  1. Another lovely post, Louise, I love reading these 'What's in my bag' posts! Your Ted Baker bag is so nice, and I have been eyeing up the Erin Condren life planners for the longest time, I really need to get myself properly organised now I'm in my final year of Uni!
    Hope that you're having a great weekend! Love, Ellie x

  2. I love the bag, not normally a fan of patent bags but yours look lovely.


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