I thought I'd begin my new blog with a mini introduction to the kind of girl I am.
^^ This is me being ditzy me on my 20th Birthday. Every girl should wear her crown :) ^^
Hello, my name is Louise. I have an obsession with working hard to earn money, and feel that the sense of satisfaction I earn with each payslip is much more than the money itself most of the time. I'm a spender, not a saver, which, on occasion, has had its problems. But don't think I am wasteful, I love to purchase things I know I will grow to love, love on first sight, or that will help better me as a person.

You see, I am the kind of girl who constantly strives to achieve her own kind of perfection. Call it what you will, but I find myself dreaming up big plans for the image I want to present people with about myself and it is the material things in life which help me to formulate those dreams for real. I will write endless 'wish' and 'want' lists only to forget to take them shopping. But for all the wanting and wishing I do there is a life inside of me shaping me into the woman I want to become. I have had my fare share of difficulties in my 20 years, none more so than with the struggle to accept who I am for what I am. I compare, I yearn, I wish to be something I believe I can be, and I know I will get there one day.

So, until I realise that all along the haters were nothing but whispers in amongst a crowd of loud well-wishers, join me for my little musings and my journey into my 20s.


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