Look Beauty Power Lashes Pro Kit

Front of the kit.
It's been a while since my last significant post and here I am, armed with a beautiful camera and able to put some long overdue effort into blogging again. I return amongst the hype of the new Look Beauty range, available at Superdrug with prices ranging from £4 to £18 - most notably nail polish is £5 and lipsticks are £7. I was very tempted to drain my wages today on a few nail polishes and their entire lipstick range because they all looked so amazing, but I resisted and actually bought something which I believe to be great value for money. Whilst I live in a fairly large city in Devon, the Superdrug I visited didn't seem to have a lot of Look beauty products available, perhaps I didn't delve deep enough
Back of the kit.
The goodies inside!
amongst the open testers and the fingerprints in the blushes. My clever little eye did, much to my delight, espy this fabulous eyelash kit retailing at £12. It contains all you need to create beautiful eyes whilst wearing falsies. Now, I am a girl who's quite blessed with camel like lashes, but I love nothing more than the complete face enhancing sensation I get when I look at myself in the mirror when I wear false eyelashes. I instantly feel much more glamorous, more confident and, rather like when I have newly painted nails, I feel like I carry myself differently when I have false lashes on. I always admire the girls who can wear false lashes mixed up in their day to day make up routine, as I have always saved them on myself for a special night out, but when this kit teaches me the expert way of applying them I might just have to venture out and try falsies in the day time.
The kit itself contains two pairs of lashes, 'Oomph Lash' mascara, 'Flirty Flick' eyeliner, lash glue and a contraption that makes it easier to apply the lashes to your eye. I've had a little play around and the mascara is lovely, and so it the eyeliner and I really can't wait to try out the whole kit on Christmas day...mere hours to go now! When you consider that the mascara retails for £7 and the eyeliner for £5 it's almost as if you're receiving the lashes for free, and I urge anyone who's considering buying these two products to consider the Power Lash Pro Kit because what girl would want to turn down some lashes to add to her make up collection?

I'm really impressed with my initial purchases from the Look range and will definitely consider buying more of their products in the future. I've heard many good things about their lipsticks and will be buying one of those next!

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  1. I definitely recommend the OPI collection, good quality - they last very well!


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