A Me to You Jigsaw on Boxing Day

The great Boxing Day debate in my head every year always goes a little something like this: 'Shall I eat more chocolate? More chicken and sausages? Is there any other food in the house? Should I even be eating? In fact, what shall I do today? Which present can I use/play with without everyone getting jealous that I am only using/playing with one thing? Shall I see what's on TV? I wish I could go to the Boxing Day sales...' You see I can never decide what to do, who to be with and what to watch so I said to myself that this year, after all of the Christmas hype from the day itself dies out with the daylight hours, I shall set myself something to actually do on Boxing Day. And the end result has been the above, a lovely 1000 piece Ravensburger jigsaw with my most favourite blue nosed bear in the world, Tatty Teddy from the Carte Blanche 'Me to You' range.

Now some people may wonder why a perfectly mobile and active 20 something would even want to sit down, stationary, at a table and wrestle with fitting those 1000 little pieces together for hours on end. Well, all I can say is that I find it relaxing (until I can't find that one piece to fit in a gap, that is!), fun, and indeed a tiny bit intellectually challenging. You see, all those pieces may look easy enough to fit together but when you're right in there amongst them they have the best way of avoiding detection so it's all about the process of elimination - getting rid of those 998 other pieces that won't fit into the one you've got on the table.

I know many people don't know about my little hobby (I call it a hobby, but I can only manage to spare hours like this here and there when I'm home from work and uni) but I am laying it out on the table, so to speak, for you all to look at. And with the advent of shops in my city that are purely devoted to selling jigsaws, I can tell I'm not the only one fitting puzzle pieces together :)

What do you think of jigsaws? Do you love 'em as much as I do?

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