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Good morning! Well it's nearly afternoon here in the UK but since I have found a rare day off nestled into this week's busy work schedule I have only just got out of bed - whoopsie!

It's so damp and miserable today, the rain's lashing at my window and one of my housemates has just returned having neglected to wear a waterproof, damp fellow poor thing. Despite the monsoon however I really must commend my postman, (or was it the post lady today? I never got to see) because they brought me a little black box of excitement to start off the day...

Have you have ever heard of 'What's In My Handbag'? If not, check out their website here and then come back to reading this post...done it? Now you'll know why this concept excites me so much! I am a self confessed bag lady, I'm not going to lie. I love nothing more than the purchase of a new handbag, be it fresh smelling leather from Radley or Mulberry, or even a simple perspex shopper from Accessorize (it's going to look marvellous as a beach carry on bag on my hols in 3 months!) and any excuse to follow the posts on Tumblr or Blogger or YouTube where people spill out the contents of their handbags for all to see satisfies both my aptitude for nosiness and my love of handbags. WIMH combines both of these with a fabulous beauty twist - what more could a girl want?

Their emphasis is on 'discover the beauty products that everyone else loves', allowing readers to dive headfirst into an array of bags that other readers post on the site (currently in the process of photographing and uploading mine) and find new and exciting products that one might have overlooked in the past, or been sceptical to try out, not wanting to buy a full sized version. The concept allows you to 'uncover the beauty secrets of fashion, beauty and creative insiders by peeking into their handbags and beauty cabinets'   and this is something that excites me very much! As an avid sample fan I have received my fair share of Glossyboxes, Boudoir Prive and the late, great, FeelUnique however the idea of opting in to try a product is refreshing to see because the monthly beauty boxes choose your items for you. If you're extremely lucky to be selected like I was for my first 'try' then the control of the sample is passed over to you as are able to choose whether or not you actually want to try the product, thereby receiving the sample that you actually want. What's more, WIMH choose recipients for each 'try' based on their beauty profile (a concept that Glossybox has yet to implement) so I was very excited to be able to try the 'balance Me daily essentials moisture-rich face cream' because I am always on the look out for face creams that will inject moisture into my incredibly dry skin. 

The cream itself feels luxurious, definitely refreshing and moisturising. I have only used it once so far so I cannot speak for any long term benefits but is did make my skin feel less tight and smoother. The only thing that put me off a little was the smell, I'm a girl who likes to have nice smelling beauty products! But other than that I have not a bad word to say about this sample. The size is quite generous, 10ml in a little squeeze tube with the full size product at 50ml and retailing for £24. I love the fact that the ingredients are 99% of natural origin as is custom to the balance Me range, their website states that their products are free from paragons, sulphates, mineral oils, silicones etc etc, i.e all the bad stuff that's not good for your face! I have yet to discover whether or not this brand tests on animals, I would like to hope that with an emphasis on natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that they would not as this is an issue that I am becoming more and more aware of as I try out new products and brands. 

So WIMH have definitely impressed me so far, how cute is the little pouch that the same came in in the box? Perfect to putting items of jewellery in to keep them safe in my luggage on the way to the USA. I'm excited to upload my bag contents, and definitely for any future 'trys' that they include on their website (the one for this week is a Jurlique rose hand cream). So go on and sign up, read their blog and catch up on the latest uploaded bags, I'm sure you'll discover new products you'll love, I know I have! 

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  1. I love WIMH I got the Miller Harris and Elemental Herbology try me's both gorgeous x


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