1 Year Blog Birthday Giveaway! *CLOSED*

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This is an exciting announcement because Confetti Letters turns 1 on the 13th of September! One whole year since I decided to put fingers to keys and set up my own little blog after reading many of my favourites switch over from Tumblr to Blogspot.

I thank everyone who has decided to push the follow button and either GFC, Bloggers.com, Bloglovin' or Hello Cotton - thank-you!! I also thank every one of you who has left me a lovely comment, I enjoy reading and replying to everyone :-)

So, that being said I wanted to host a little giveaway to mark the celebration, and as it's my first one I have been thinking extra hard about the prize (*insert image of jazz hands here*). I have decided that everyone loves a MAC product so by entering Confetti Letters' 1 Year Blog Birthday Giveaway you could win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

To be entered all you have to do is answer this question: What has been your most memorable birthday ever, and if you could pick one present in the entire world to receive what would it be? You must also complete the rules below:

  1. Follow me via GFC/Bloglovin.
  2. Follow me on Twitter - @louisekwilliams
  3. Write me a comment on this post with your GFC/Bloglovin/Twitter handle so I can check who's done what, and also an e-mail or your twitter handle (whichever way you'd like to be contacted if you win).
  4. I will use a random number generator to select the winner.
  5. The giveaway will be open for 1 month, ending at 23:59 GMT on the 26th of September.
  6. The decision of the winner is final. I will keep proof of postage and will not be held responsible for lost post. The giveaway is international. 
Lots of luck and happy entering! 


  1. My most memorable birthday was my 21st but for all the wrong reasons. It was the times of the riots so all my birthday arrangements had to be changed. If I could get anything as a present I'd love a house :)

    GFC: Clare
    Twitter :@abotat90

  2. Congrats!! Enter me please. :)

    GFC Alex
    HelloCotton /fashion-olic

    I can't really pick one birthday... Probably from when I was a child... My parents always threw me a party and I have super8 films to look back at (that's why I remember them, I suppose)... Maybe my 6th birthday, I got a bike and my favourite barbie. :)

  3. Congrats! :D Fab giveaway too :) My most memorable birthday was my 21st a few weeks ago- lots of lovely food, lovely company and great fun! :) If I could choose any present I would probably say a nice house!

    GFC: Becky*
    Twitter: @beckyleight

  4. Congrats on having your blog for a year!
    My most memorable birthday was my 15th, there was far too much drama involved and friends showing there true colours, lol and the one present i could choose to have in the entire world would be a pair of louis vuittons.

    Twitter - Mausters1
    i have followed you on GFC and blog lovin but not sure what my names are on it! haha
    and my email is - mausters@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Aww yay, happy blog birthday! <3

    My most memorable birthday was my 22nd last year. It was actually the day my mama & I moved into our new house and it just marked the start of a new beginning. It was lovely! I follow via GFC & on twitter I'm @sailorjenie


  6. Oooh, such a great giveaway!
    I follow via GFC Courtzz and twitter @xCourtz

    My most memorable birthday was my 17th where I had a huge meal with my friends!

    c.childs@live.co.uk xx

  7. postingan yang bagus tentang 1 Year Blog Birthday Giveaway!

  8. Happy anniversary to your blog! ...and thank you for this opportunity :)
    My best birthday was my 20th, celebrated it with my closest friends & family. If I could get any present in the world it would be...airplane tickets to California or Greece.
    Follow via GFC: Christina Dragan & twitter: @christinadragan
    Follow via hellocotton: christinadragan


  9. When I was 18 ( last year) my friends made a my friends made a surprise party for me.
    If I could get any present in the world it would be..... a big house to my whole family.

    GFC : layla
    email: princessmel42@gmail.com
    twitter : @laylahlima

  10. Great giveaway! Happy blog birthday :) My most memorable birthday was of course my 18th because it was one of those great big 'rent a place out and invite everyone you know' kind of parties but I have such an amazing time on that dancefloor haha. Any present..... hmm... Topshop. I just want to own it and everything in it.

    Following you via GFC, username is Hannah R (I think!) But my blog is cosmeticcrave.blogspot.co.uk and I'm following you via twitter too, my username is @hannahripley

  11. My best birthay was when I made a trip to Disney to celebrate my 15 old. It was wonderful.
    I would like to win a trip to London, I love it.

    GFC follower: nadiamaria lima
    my email: nadiamaria15@gmail.com

  12. My most memorable birthday was my 21th, I made a barbecue to celebrate it.
    If I could pick one present in the entire world .... it would be a Channel's bag .

    folloewer GFC: jesuisbelle
    twitter: @lailacarvalho6
    email: lailacarvalho77@yahoo.com


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