A Few Snaps...

Good night in/Hello me in work uniform!/Mousse - yummy/My teeny tiny baby pink suitcase waiting to be pack for London
Matey for £1!/Wearing the coolest top/I love cider/American Party cups

Best choc I've had in a while/Magazines in the sun/OPI sparkles/I actually managed to cook!
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  1. My instagram is danidanimason :)
    May I ask, how do you get all the photos into one image? Do you literally copy and paste them into paint or something or do you do it on an app?
    Thanks :)

    1. Awesome, I'll seek you out!
      I go to http://web.stagram.com and then search for my name, then screen shot the images and copy and paste them into my Pages on my MacBook and then once they're all on the one page, I screen shot that and upload it as a photo.
      Such a faf, but I don't have an app or photoshop or anything!
      Louise x

  2. Found you through the BBU blog hop...have to say, completely agree with your 'about me' section...big dreams and expensive taste! Me too! :) x


  3. Ohmygod thank you for that link!
    I'm gonna mention you in my next blog post haha :)

  4. God I love instagram posts! They're like little peaks into peoples lives haha xx
    I found you on the BBU blog hop by the way, following :) xx
    just blog it all instead...

  5. i love your blog! it's completely my style!
    i'm new to blogspot and had to follow you!
    please take a look at my page!




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