Spending Ban Update #2 | We're Going Back To Florida!!

I can't believe another fortnight has gone by! This is my final payday in January and, unfortunately for me, this is the payday that all of the bills come out of. Luckily I've managed to accumulate some holiday pay from these past two weeks otherwise I'd be left with about £2 to see me through to the 13th of Feb!

My total spend of the last 14 days = £350.00 (£175 of it will be given back to me).

Why? I put down the £350 deposit and booked a holiday to Florida!! J and I will be going back in September 2015 for a fortnight of fun and frivolity down International Drive, stopping by 11 theme parks and hopefully making it to the mall this time! I literally cannot wait…only 83 weeks to go…!

That said I'm on a mega ban now! I'm actually enjoying not spending (sorry, what, who said that?). It's nice knowing that I've actually got money in the bank to pay all of the bills all at once without having to scrape by. Granted I've not managed to get any actual savings together yet but once I've sorted myself out and got out of the cycle that I'm currently in financially I am sure I'll manage to start putting back the £££ to turn into $$$.

Aside from the excitement of Florida, I've managed to pay off one of my store cards completely this pay period and that makes me so happy. I want nothing more than to have a zero balance on my credit card and Topshop card and I'm now one step closer to achieving that. I will be cutting up said store card and removing my account in due course. Hurrah!

Here's to the next fortnight, and here's a pic of my last trip to Orlando to get me motivated :)


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