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I was recently tagged by Clare to complete the 'Life in Letters' Tag. I haven't done a tag post in ages so I thought this might be a fun little one to do for you to find out some random facts about me and my life. I love reading insights into the real life of the blogger behind the blog and this is a lovely way of divulging some tidbits of information without going overboard!

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A...is for appendix, because I do not have one. When I was 14 years old I was rushed into hospital with a suspected bad case of flu. I couldn't stand up straight, I was exhausted and I was in a lot of pain. I had scans, x-rays and lots of meds before one night in hospital I just felt better, as if all of my symptoms had magically disappeared. That's when I was operated on and my appendix was found to have burst, with all of the gunk inside that was causing my hurt leaking around my abdomen. I ended up staying in hospital for 2 weeks, and had to have surgery twice before they removed all the mess. Nasty.

B...is for boarding school. I spent 7 years tucked up at a boarding school in a little village in Suffolk and it holds such fond memories for me, I absolutely loved it. Towards the end I felt like I wanted to escape and stretch my wings, but now looking back I wish I had just grasped at every opportunity. I sometimes sit and wish I could be back in the comfort of my boarding house, translating Latin texts in the school block or even taking a walk on the sea wall at the bottom of the playing fields with Matron's dog.

C...is for chocolate milk. I'm addicted to the stuff. 'Nuff said!

D...is for Durham University, where, last June, I graduated with a 2:1 (Hons) in BA Criminology. I have incredibly mixed feelings about being at University and looking back I know I didn't involve myself in Uni life as much as I was excited to do when I was 18 and applying. I'm really happy I went and got my degree, but if I could re-do the experience, in hindsight I would.
New Books bought in March

E...is for English Literature. This was my favourite subject at school, I got an A* at GCSE and an A at A Level (they didn't have A* at A Level in my day!). I absolutely adore reading and buy at least 2-4 new books a month.

F...is for food. I have a love/hate relationship with food because I'm so fussy, yet I love going out for dinner, or baking cake. I recently lost 2 stone with Slimming World and have ended up taking a longer break than planned, hoping to get back on it very soon.

G...is for Guide Dogs. When I was younger we puppy walked a guide dog called Nash. He was like a working family pet for a year and we trained him using the Guide Dog charity's techniques and raised him from puppyhood. He never made it to be an actual Guide Dog due to health problems but that was a good charitable experience all the same for me.

H...is for hotel. I absolutely love staying in hotels. I have no idea what it is about hotels that appeals to me so much, but I love the idea of staying home away from home and in a nice pristine room, with foreign TV channels and miniature toileteries, bliss.

I...is for ISA. One thing I am desperate to get sorted this year is my financial situation in that I want to fill up my ISA. We're planning on going to Las Vegas for our 5 year anniversary next year so filling my ISA would create some spending money for when I'm out there.
J and I at my Graduation
J...is for Joseph. J and I have been a couple for 4 whole years now, I found him at work on my GAP year and he stayed with me all throughout university, and now we live together (and work together again!), I love him lots.

K...is for Katherine. My middle name.

L...is for Louise. Hi, that's me.

M...is for McDonald's. I had to take a GAP year in between school and university and ended up taking the first job I was offered, which happened to be in McDonald's. Fast forward 4 years and I'm running the restaurant, a tutor for their nationally recognised Apprenticeship scheme, got chosen to work at the Olympics and training staff to high standards. Despite the fact that I am desperate to begin a new job, I've met so many crazy lovely people working in the restaurants that I've been in and can't believe that I'm at the helm of a multi-billion pound corporation managing up to 35 people on shift at any one time!

N...is for Naval Brat. This is an affectionate term for what us ex-pat kids were called when we lived abroad because our father's were in the Royal Navy. I am so thankful for my upbringing and I cannot imagine a life where I'd have lived in the same house in the same town all my life thus far. That's just alien to me! (I've had 16 different postcodes in 23 years of life!)

O...is for Organised. I am one of those people who decorate the pages of their Filofax. Yup, one of those. I cannot stand not being organised, I write endless lists and plan things meticulously.

P...is for Papa. I never called my Dad 'Papa', he was, and always will be, my Daddy. He passed away when I was 18, very suddenly and completely unexpectedly. I miss him every single day.

Q...is for quiet. I am actually a rather quiet person and can go for hours without uttering a single word to anybody. I really enjoy my own company, and would actually rather sit in a library on a saturday night than go drinking in a pub. Anyone else?

R...is for Russia, where I lived for 3 years between the ages of 7 and 10. Moscow was our home, the snow was still exciting at that age, and the summers were so hot that we would often escape to the British Embassy's dacha (a little wooden country house). I'd love to go back and visit Moscow and see what it's like now.
Fulla, my Arabic 'Barbie' Doll
S...is for Saudi Arabia. I spent my most formative teenage years holidaying in our family villa in between terms at boarding school out in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. I absolutely loved living there and would go back in a heartbeat. It gave me such an appreciation for Islamic culture, and also has some of the best shopping I have ever experienced. I miss Saudi every day of my life.

T...is for Travel. You may have guessed by now that my family and I are a bunch of explorers, I absolutely love visiting new places. I've been so lucky to have been to Hong Kong, The USA (Florida, NYC, Boston, DC, Philly), Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Belgium, Barbados, Antigua and many more. 2014/2015 is also a year of travel as I'll be heading to St Lucia in September, Las Vegas in March and then Paris next Summer, can't wait!

U...is for unicorns. I love the idea of unicorns and wished they exist. I once told my Mum I couldn't clean my room because there was a unicorn under my bed who wouldn't be happy if I did it. She indulged me in this fantasy...but then I cleaned it anyway because I hate mess!

V...is for Victoria's Secret. This American brand is something that I am obsessed with, and keep purchasing things from. Whenever I'm in London I make sure to stop by their Flagship store on New Bond Street.

W...is for Walt Disney. Wow, what a guy. I'm a complete Disney fanatic, owning 25/50 of the original animated films (with plans to get them all!) and forever dreaming of the day that I can set foot in a Disney Park again. I want to get to every single Disney park on the planet, with Paris, Anaheim and Tokyo left to go!

X...is for x-ray. I once broke my wrist by falling from a micro scooter and slamming into a massive sheet of metal. We were in Russia at the time and my Daddy made me wait until the morning before taking me to the hospital. The x-ray showed that my bone had broken and one piece had slipped behind another so I had to have it pulled back into shape. Grim.

Y...is for YSL. I absolutely adore YSL makeup, the packaging, the products, the lot. Yummy :)

Z...is for the Zoo. I adore visiting zoos, which, when you think about it, sounds really wrong because the animals are in captivity, but I just love the excitement and the educational aspects that zoos offer. Longleat is my favourite Zoo in the UK, and I loved visiting Washington D.C zoo too.

So there you have it, 26 little snippets into my life. I tag YOU reading to do this tag, leave me a link to your post when you've done it so that I can have a read!


  1. I love this post! It's great to get to know you a bit better and we seem to have a lot of things in common! I lost my appendix last month, am a huge Disney fan, love YSL make-up and visiting zoos and love nothing better than organising things! I'm going to have a go at doing this tag on my blog I think :)

    Jenny xx


  2. Just thought I'd let you know I mentioned you on my Life in Letters tag :) Link is http://ramblingsofajaffacat.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/life-in-letters.html

    Jenny xx



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