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As you may know, last week I went to London to celebrate my birthday with my Mama. While we were there we popped in to Victoria's Secret (VS), the fabulous American lingerie brand that has it's UK flagship store on the corner of New Bond Street. I've been to a few VS stores in the USA, and have see the building of the store in London, but never had chance to properly explore the UK shop before. I made a cheeky little underwear purchase for my birthday, as well as some makeup bags, and I left the store wishing I could be in a mall in America doing some proper American shopping. This lead to me to browse eBay to see if I could pick up any American treats and I didn't close Safari empty handed!

I chose to pick up two of Bath and Body Works (BBW) famous 'pocketbac' hand sanitizers, teeny tiny bottles of anti bacterial hand wash that smell amazing, look adorable, and need no running water to cleanse your hands...for a massive neat freak like me, these are so perfect!

I had such a difficult time choosing which sanitizers to purchase as there are so many flavours (for want of a better word!) on offer, from a multitude of different UK based eBay sellers. I chose Pink Vanilla Macaron from the new Sweet Shop collection, and Ice Cream Dream from the new carnival collection. They both smell pretty true to form, not too sickly sweet and artificial, but just enough for you to distinguish their actual flavour. I've had a little try of both and they've cleansed my hands nicely, without drying out my skin, something I find that standard hand cleansers do to me. The prices are not too extortionate either as I had feared they might be, each pocketbac retails for $1.75 in the US (about £1.06) and I've found them on eBay for between £1.84-£6.99 a piece. (I think I paid £1.99 each for these two.)

Overall I'm very happy with these two hand cleansers, they're a nice addition to my handbag, keeping my hands germs free and smelling nice. I love the cutesy packaging too, makes a nice change from standard hand cleansers you find in the hand wash aisles of Boots! If you want to find BBW PocketBacs for your own enjoyment and use, just search 'pocketbac' on eBay.

Are you a fan of hand sanitizing?
What's one American product you wish we could get hold of more easily in the UK?

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