Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

Well, it's safe to say that I've ended my spending ban early - oops! It all stems from receiving money for my birthday from various relatives and it burning a hole in my pocket. Je ne regrette rien! Anyways, I made a trip to Boots last week to buy some shampoo and came out with one of Bourjois' newest foundations, the 123 Perfect, which contains 3 correcting pigments to help reduce redness, dark circles and eliminate dull, tired looking skin. I picked this up primarily for the anti-redness elements as I've been noticing how red my cheeks and nose look in certain lights and it's been bothering me, and because I'd not bought a 'drugstore' foundation in a long while and always turn to Bourjois for excellent bases.

In a nutshell I'm really loving using this foundation. I've given it a week's trial and safe to say I will be using it right up until the last droplet. I picked up the lightest shade (Light Vanilla) which is actually a good colour match for my skin tone and doesn't make me look orange tinted at all (which is what some shades with a yellow undertone tend to do, even though they're aimed at paler skin!). The formula is very lightweight and the coverage is definitely medium, although I have found that you can build it quite nicely without it looking streaky. One thing I love about this foundation is that it feels like a liquid to powder formula, and it feels very fresh on the skin, not at all cakey. I like to apply this with my fingers as I've found it sits better on my skin, and I can work it in better when my skin's suffering from being incredibly dry. It does cling to the dry patches on my nose, as I found out earlier in the week, but I think that was down to my negligence of my skincare routine rather than the formula of the foundation itself.

Bourjois claims that 123 Perfect has a 24hr hydration qualities, which I do not feel it does per se, but as I mentioned I do have very dry skin around my nose and using this foundation has not dried out any other areas of my face as other products have done in the past. 123 Perfect also contains SPF 10 (brilliant as we move into Spring) and notes that the formula of this foundation is such that it is akin to a second-skin like finish which allows your skin to breathe. I fully support this claim, when I touch my cheeks whilst wearing this foundation I don't feel like I'm touch makeup at all, just my own skin as it should be, soft, blemish free, smooth and most importantly, with reduced redness. I would seriously compare this foundation's finish to Chanel's Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation

Another foundation hit from Bourjois for me. I'm really glad I picked this up and the price tag wasn't too bad either (£10.99). The only thing that slightly puts me off is the smell - this foundation reminds me of Play-dough I used to mould as a child...nostalgia and a fresh face? Why not!

Have you tried this foundation?
What's your favourite foundation?


  1. I tried this foundation about a year ago and have no idea why I didn't repurchase - its gorgeous! I'm quite pale as well and it completely warmed up the skin without looking dark or orange! Definitely want to repurchase now after seeing this post! x

  2. I was tempted to buy this the other day, but I ended up getting the Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation instead, although I kinda wish i'd got this. Loved this post, I may just have to try it when I run out of my other one as the 10 hour sleep effect doesn't seem to do much with my red cheeks.


  3. Its my fav foundation. :) I love it

  4. This foundation sounds lovely. I'm always put off by Bourjois foundations as I find they're a little on the orange side however the swatch and your word proves me wrong on this one!
    May have to try it when I've finished my current bottle!



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