Slimming World | Month Three - March

Much like February, my weight loss focus in March fell by the wayside as I chose to pour my energies into enjoying life and not having to worry too much about being strict with myself. Again, much like February working shifts left me with the inability to attend group during 3/4 weeks of the month and that has once again affected my focus...oh, and the small matter of a week long birthday celebration, dinner in Frankie & Bennys, 2 birthday cakes, cocktails and our 4 year anniversary of togetherness!

Excuses (or rather, realities) aside I maintained at the end of February, seeing no change in the scales. This actually made me quite happy because it meant that I hadn't put anything on, which is obviously the wrong way to go! I was then determined to come back with a vengeance and did well to lose 2lbs which got me my Club10 Award. Club 10 means that I've lost 10% of my starting body weight so far and have gained many health benefits from doing so. I can already feel myself walking faster (so simple, but so true!), and I have more energy in the mornings too. Here's to the next 10%!

I then had 3 weeks off plan, worked a lot, and celebrated my birthday and anniversary. I finally got on the SW scales again on the 28th of March to be faced with a 10.5lbs gain. This was not a shock, but a kick up the bum! I took it as it came, went home and got rid of all of the rubbish in my fridge and treat cupboard and got straight back on it, munching on chicken, tuna and cheese salads, overnight oats, mullerlight yoghurts and fruit.
Blue dress pic is a 2st lighter me than in red dress pic!
I've begun April with a fantastic loss (I will save the surprise for this month's round up in a couple of weeks time!) and I'm so determined not to report back to you in 4 weeks with a similar story to how February and March have gone. I thought I'd pop up my first progress picture too, considering I've now lost 2 stone and can see it in myself, I wonder if you can too?

My goals for April are:
- Get my 2.5 stone award
- Drink 2 litres of water a day
- Try a new recipe every week
- Keep a daily food diary
- Stay to group every week
- 100% on plan, everyday

Wish me luck! Come and follow me on Instagram too, I post lots of SW, beauty and life pics on there (@louisekwilliams).

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  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you're doing incredible.
    Not to sound cheeky, but would you consider posting food diaries? I'm trying to stick to a 'healthy eating' plan and I keep getting stuck eating the same things.

    Either way, congrats hun :)
    Laura | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com


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