Forward Planning

Cheating on Slimming World and crafting with my Filofax :)
Hi, remember me? I wouldn't either - but sometimes a break from the virtual world is all you need to find your feet on Planet Earth once again.

Let me tell you where I've been:

1) Mostly trying to maintain my Slimming World momentum. We're 18 days into February and at home it says I've hit a 2st loss...but I haven't managed to get to group so I cannot confirm that.

2) Why haven't I been to group? Because of work. Damn you McDonald's for being open 24 hours a day, 264.5 days of the year. Damn you for making me work crazy shift patterns, making me work 10 or 12 days in a row before I can have a day off just because I booked off the weekend, and for making me sleepy all the time. Seriously, today's been my day off and I've not moved from the sofa except to go and purchase Creme Eggs. Which I ate, and now feel guilty for consuming due to my current battle with SW.

3) I've been apathetic about the internet of late, favouring books and endless list making. I've re-read Harry Potter 1-7, picked up a new library of literature to fall into and purchased a Filofax in which to plan my life.

But now I'm back and Confetti Letters will be benefitting from a fresh new wave of content over the coming weeks as I wave goodbye to 'feeling 22' and look forward to my birthday.

Thank-you for sticking with me.
And thank-you for embracing this rambling post.


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