Slimming World | Month Two - February

I really do not know how to feel about this month's progress following the Slimming World plan. Granted that there has been progress, I've not put anything on, but lost 2.5lbs for the month. That's not in a week, but throughout the whole month. And I'm angry at myself. Let me tell you why:

  1. I seem to go over my syns, daily. Not by loads and loads like I'm having a binge, but by 0.5syns here or 3 syns there. I try to tell myself that I should compensate and have X fewer syns tomorrow but that doesn't happen and I've been stuck in this rut for a good 3 weeks now. 
  2. I'm so, so, so close to my Club10...1 measly pound. And that makes me complacent, and it shouldn't because I should be striving to exceed that loss and actually get the certificate in my hand. 
  3. Same can be said about my 2st certificate, I'm 2lbs away from that. Grrr. 
  4. I haven't been to group much this month. Not through choice let me tell you, because I think that this is the biggest contributor to my lacklustre 2.5lb loss this month. See, I work shifts, and they're all over the place. I'm currently coming to the end of 10 days straight at work without a day off. As I type this I'm waiting for work to begin at 10PM so I can run the restaurant overnight. I'll finish at 7AM tomorrow morning, and have to be back in my 6PM the same night in order to work through to 1AM the next morning. Working these hours meant that I physically could not get to a group some weeks, I'd be working throughout all of the available group timings and I don't drive yet so I couldn't look for one further afield. I think that this has been the biggest contributor to me not putting as much effort in as I could have done with my weight loss this month. Staying to group, and most importantly my little group on a Tuesday, means the world to me and is so vital to me doing well. This is something that I've realised as February draws to a close. I can only hope that the schedule is kinder to me in March! 
These points are not my excuses this month, they're my wake up call. They're things I've realised that have contributed to my 2.5lb month loss (which is still a loss at the end of the day, and I'm ecstatic that it's not a gain!) and things I will be attempting to change in order to have a good month in March. I have an even bigger incentive now as my Mama's very generously paid for me to join her on an all inclusive jaunt to St Lucia in the Caribbean in September. I will not be setting foot on the plane the shape and size I am now! 

Here's to a better, healthier and more focused March, I pray that I have only good things to report in four weeks time :) 

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  1. You're still doing amazingly well so don't worry that you haven't lost much this month. It's totally understandable with working all of those unsociable hours. I'm sure you'll have a great March, keep up the hard work :) xx

  2. Well done! You're doing really well :) I'm a new follower, also from somerset..very near to you I believe! :)

  3. You're still doing so well, and a loss is fab! Great motivation too, that holiday sounds incredible!

    Sophie x

  4. Don't worry hun, it's really, REALLY hard to maintain a good level of willpower! I can go for weeks or months intending to diet before I actually find the will to do it - until then, I seem to be healthy all day and then ruin it somewhat in the evenings! I've actually just started trying to lose a bit this week, as I've finally felt ready - it's only what I've put on over the winter, haven't actually weighed myself in months but I feel heavier, probably half a stone or so. At least we're starting early enough to be beach-ready by summer :)
    Good luck for the next month lovely.
    Mel xx


  5. Stay on track lovely! St Lucia will definitely give you the push you need to continue!



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