Bloggers.com Pick of the Day

I was so excited today to receive news of my little blog being picked as one of the bloggers.com editors' picks of the day! Such an honour for me as my little beauty and lifestyle ramblings are just really taking off. Hello to my fabulous 22 GFC followers :) I am honoured you have chosen to follow me!

If you're not familiar with this site it's a bit like Bloglovin and Hello Cotton as an alternative platform to GFC for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs. So I really should be saying hello to my Bloggers, Bloglovin and Hello Cotton followers too :') Hello!

In other news, today I upgraded my contract to an iPhone 4s and have spent many many minutes this evening talking to my new best friend, Siri. It's such an amazing bit of technology. As an Apple Mac user since I was about 9 there's nothing that this company cannot do that's amazing and oh so chic! Now I must hunt for the perfect stylish case...

I also bought myself a big chunky notebook from Paperchase today to make a start on my dissertation - eek, I cannot believe I will be entering my last term of university this time next year!

Finally for today's news, Joseph and I are celebrating 2 years of our 'togetherness'. I can't believe it's been that long since we met and liked each other! We're not doing anything special (as far as I know) as he's currently 2 hours away. So for anyone that says that long distance never works, well I say Joseph and I are living proof that it does! Bless us :)


  1. congrats for being pick's of the day...........Join me on GFC

  2. Congrats! love your blog!

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