Impress Nails...Impressed?

 Impress Nails are a brand that those lucky enough to receive the, I believe, better version of February's GlossyBox, will know, and indeed perhaps have tried out. I was one of the fortunate few to receive this box, however I left my set of nails in my Uni house before coming home for Easter. So today I was out in Plymouth and popped in to Boots specifically to find some falsies that would be easy to apply for a girl who hardly ever gets time to apply them. By this I mean I work in a restaurant that does not allow nail paint or falsies, for obvious health and safety issues, so any chance I can I will paint, but never apply falsies 'cause it'd be a waste.

I am really impressed (pardon this awful play on words) with these nails. They're pretty, last long (up to 7 days if applied properly) and are sturdy enough to get through the day without falling off. You get a set of 24 nails in different sizes, encased in what resembles an actual nail polish bottle. Also included in each packet is a cleansing wipe to prep the nail for application. The application of these nails is what sets them apart from the other brands you see on the shelves, in that the adhesive is already stuck on to each nail - no messing around with glue and waiting for it to dry! This was really what sold me, for a girl who's only ever worn one other set of false nails in her life, just being able to peel off the backing of each nail and press them on to my own nail was so simple and straightforward, I love it!

This particular design is called 'Holla!' and it is just one of 18 patterned designs, alongside the 18 other solid colours which makes for a great range, there's definitely going to be a shade/pattern in there to suit you. You can check them all out on the app on their website here and buy them in store in Boots of online here. Priced between £7.99-£8.99 per packet I think that's pretty good value for quality nails which last, and with 24 in the packet you might just be able to get two separate wears out of them!

What do you think? Will you be trying Impress nails?


  1. I'm gutted I didn't get these in my GlossyBox now! I somewhat gave up on falsies after I bought a box of 100 false nails which were glue-on, and the glue ripped out huge chunks of my nails when I tried to remove them! (this was partly my fault for being impatient because after 15 mins of soaking in acetone I decided to take matters into my own hands...!) However these look good, particularly liking the stick-on-ness of them. My only question is, how do you remove them? Fab review, I absolutely LOVE your blog!! xx

    1. Aww, they're in my local Boots, have you tried in your local store? Hunt for them though, the set I bought was on a stand near the door and not with the other nails. Wow, that must have been painful? I hope you're all fixed now! I wanted a less messy alternative to glue and these have been wonderful, they have (so far) withstood 2 shopping trips, 2 showers and 2 sleeps :) To get them off you can peel gently, or dab a bit of nail polish remover along the outside edges of the nail and apparently they pop right off, I will let you know though (they might fall off yet before the apparent week lasting time!) xx

  2. Wow thay are so pretty!! I really like your blog and I awarded you the versatile blogger award :) :) http://makeupisdelish.blogspot.ca/2012/03/versatile-blogger-award.html


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