Today I Am Mostly Wearing Rabbits

Bunny Shirt: H&M
Black Cami: Primark
Long Necklace: Primark
Short Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Feather Earrings (just seen): Primark
Here's my OOTD for today, I should be wearing TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) as it's TWLOHA Friday, see here, but unfortunately I do not own any of their supportive merchandise yet :( If anyone wants to know more about TWLOHA, it's a charitable organisation and something I support very strongly. However, sadly for me, it mostly operates in the USA and I just have to shout out my support from across the pond by reading their website (which you can find here), following on Twitter and Facebook etc. Please go and check it out!

Aside, today I am mostly wearing rabbits. I adore rabbits, I really, really want one as a pet, but it would be impractical for me to do so and so I have to show my rabbit love by other means. This shirt was around £12-16 from H&M, I can't remember exactly and I just love it's lightweight feel, and of course the design! I prefer to wear it open, today I've teamed it with a black cami and some white linen shorts 'cause it's a nice day :) Channelling the monochrome and the animal print in one!

Allow me also to introduce you to my new favourite necklace which I purchased yesterday when the whole of Dorothy Perkins was 30% or less off. So colourful with the pastels, good enough to eat! Happy sunny day :)

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  1. Really nice necklace!



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