Seven Successful Stories - March

I cannot believe we're already into the 4th month of 2012! Time needs to slow down considerably!!
Anyway, here I am again with my positive look at the month just gone where I focus on the good things, the things I achieved et cetera.

  1. I turned 21 and got nicely spoilt with a Thomas Sabo bracelet, some Tiffany & Co sunglasses, $$$ for my holiday, £££, chocolate and other such exciting presents, I love my birthday!
  2. I managed to complete and hand in all of my summative essays on time and stuck to reasonable word count limits. I'll get the results when I go back for Summer term, fingers crossed!
  3. I made my first proper venture into using Mac Cosmetics after only really admiring their products from afar. My first purchase was the Studio Fix foundation and Viva Glam Nicki, but since I have managed to get my mitts on Creme Cup, Studio fixed powder, Studio Sculpt, a 188 brush and now I have a list as long as my forearm of products that I want. (Prep and prime, Dainty blush etc). 
  4. I made my first step into management in my job by putting on my new uniform. I instantly felt like I  was off to a real job and absolutely love the fact that I can now wear a skirt to work, and not get so hideously uncomfortable in trousers. This girl does not have a single pair of trousers in her wardrobe. Fact. 
  5. I took the plunge and upgraded early to an iPhone. I absolutely love it and cannot get enough of the apps and the smartness of the handset. It's so smart that it's too clever for me! Loving Siri too, new bff!? So come and follow me on twitter and instagram, both @louisekwilliams :)
  6. I got back into baking a little and whipped up a few tasty treats, I want to perfect my cupcake creations, there's just something about mini cakes that's so adorable!
  7. My little blog made it onto the front page of Bloggers.com! I was chosen as one of the editor's picks of the day! I'm excited to carry on my blogging journey :)

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  1. Aww this is lovely. We all need to just take a few minutes and look at the good points in our lives and things we have accomplished. Can be hard sometimes tho.


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