New iPhone clothes :)

Like any girl who loves her accessories I think one of the most important items in one's handbag has to be your mobile phone, and, if you're like me, you want your phone to stand out, to scream 'you' and make people look in adoration when you use it.
So, when I recently splashed out on an early upgrade to an iPhone I knew that a) it simply had to be white, and b) I would need a plethora of covers to suit my ever changing tastes. The result is, as it stands, my little iPhone 4s has a better wardrobe than me. And I, for one, am significantly jealous of my gadget.

Why so jelly, you might ask? Well take a look at this:

This is my custom case from the lovely Lucyboots phone cases. She creates these phone cases for almost every type of phone, all you need to do is e-mail her with your phone model and design ideas (the more information about your design the better, send pictures/sketches, anything to help your case look just how you want it) and she will get back to you with feasibility and pricing. Each case is obviously custom to your tastes and you can choose from an array of decorations to suit your design. My case is a cute kawaii inspired whipped cream design with the bow, minnie mouse cupcake, rabbit, roses, lollipop and cinderella castle, and this really does just scream 'Look at me, I'm the most stylish iPhone 4s in the world and I belong to Louise!!'. I absolutely love that it encompasses all of the things I love in the world (rabbits, Disney, cake and pink glittery things). The little gems were a wonderful surprise as I hadn't included them in my design but I love them so much! So I want to say a big thank-you to Lucy, I absolutely love my case :) You can access Lucyboots cases on her Facebook page here to take a look at the decorations and her other work, or even buy pre made cases here. She can even customise your iPad, kindle or lighters.

Don't you agree that it's beautiful?

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