If I Was A Rich Girl #7

All pictures taken from companies' respective websites.

  1. Nars are a brand I have not yet ventured into. I know there's a lot of products from them that I really want to try, icons like Orgasm, or their Turkish Delight lipgloss but for some reason I've not taken the plunge. This is the Nars SS12 Love Rite set, priced £39 on Asos.com. I love the fact that it contains mini versions of 2 of the shades that I want, but I just need to look past the price tag if I want to buy it!
  2. How adorable is this little guy! He's the Mulberry Teddy Friendship Bracelet, priced at £80. I'm a girlie girl through and through so the pink cord strap is a real hit in this camp.
  3. The last time I was at the MAC counter getting my face done the lady used this on me. Fell hopelessly in love 'cause it blew all other primers out of the window for me. It's £21.50 for 30ml and has the added bonus of SPF 50 no less! Tempting purchase for the incoming blast of Florida sun on my body in September.
  4. I'm really into all things perspex at the moment. There's just something about ice cream coloured plastic that makes me go mad for whatever item it happens to be. This Jelly Bowler bag is from New Look priced at £15.99 which I believe is a bit of a bargain.
  5. Again I am channelling my inner child with these amazing Nail Rock nail wraps. Available as Asos for £6.50 this is the mixed Toonland set, so cute!
  6. I actually just managed to purchase this Ted Baker Shyla purse on eBay for a mere £47 (RRP £65). It's a gorgeous patent deep pink colour with a cream interior and little jewels on the clasp. Mmm, so pretty! Still available on the Ted Baker website of course :) 


  1. I love those nail wraps they are just so cute. Would look great brightening up a plain outfit. And the Nars giftset?... well I think I stroked my computer screen for a good five minutes. I really wish I could afford that right now. xxx

    1. Aren't they just the cutest! I bet you'd get loads of comments with those on your nails! Haha, me too, I need a money tree - or a big scratch card win! xx

  2. The nail wraps are so cute!! Also, I have given you the "Blogger Aprreciation Award" :) http://makeupisdelish.blogspot.ca/2012/04/blogger-appreciation-award.html


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