Week Away

It's been well over a week since I last posted and I feel bad for my little neglected blog, but I took a mini holiday to go and play house with my boyfriend while his family went on holiday so I wasn't giving up on my blogging :-). It was nice to get to spend such an intense amount of time with him considering how long distance we are, but my goodness, men are hard to live with!!

We didn't end up doing very much as he had to work everyday, but I quite enjoyed my little jaunt sitting on his sofa every morning watching all of the rubbish programmes Sky has to offer (Sky would eat my freeview channels for breakfast!)

Just a few Instagram shots: L-R: Dinner on the first night, I have a cupcake obsession, Princess Cupcakes, The Woof working the camera, The first of many Dominos orders, Vanilla cheesecake - yummy!, I put a pretty little bow in my hair, If Joseph got any closer to the TV he'd be on the Fifa pitch!, Joseph got a new tattoo, 18:07 and we'd just got up, Mini Creme Eggs on offer, Joseph and I on a lovely sunny day. 

He also treated me to my first car boot sale experience which was simply only that. The people really were just up for selling tat, so I managed to not break into the £20 note that was burning a hole in my pocket!

All in all I had a lovely week, kept the house tidy and ate so much food. I only have a matter of days now before I return to uni so my Wunderlist app is screaming at me to do things, like revision, workbooks, tidying etc. Such is life!

What have you all been up to?

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