Exeter Meetup - #southwestbloggersmeet

A good week or so ago now I ventured from Yeovil to Exeter on the train for the #southwestbloggersmeet. Hosted by Kerry and Liza, the event promised to be a fabulous mix of cocktails, chatter, and fun with the added excitement of a brilliant raffle and exciting pink goody bags. The Exeter meet was the third event I've been to thanks to my little blog here, the first two being the opening of TKMaxx in Newcastle centre, and the launch for Benefit's FakeUp at Fenwicks in Newcastle. I loved that I would have the opportunity to go to a blogging event run by bloggers, for bloggers when I could just mingle, chat and meet some new faces. Stepping off the train to police in full riot gear started the day off quite weirdly so I hurried away to mooch about in Jack Wills, Paperchase and Urban Outfitters before making my way to John Gandy's where the event was being held.
Mmm, cocktails! 
Raffle prizes.
I had an amazing time at the event, meeting many new people and finally being glad to put names to blogs and get to know the real girls behind the words they write. I indulged in a few cocktails, bought a strip of raffle tickets and walked away with some gorgeous Neal & Wolf haircare products, had a hand and arm massage from the girls at Lush, and tried out some teeth whitening products courtesy of Pearlys.

How amazing are all these goodies!?
All in all, it was a brilliant afternoon, thank-you so much to Kerry and Liza for organising it. I absolutely loved meeting so many people who love to blog in the south west! See you all at the next event, whenever and wherever that may be!


Update and Giveaway Winner...


Long time, no write. I've fully completed my courses for work now and I'm a qualified shift running manager in my restaurant, which is both exciting and a little scary! That's one massive thing off my to-do list completed and I will have a post about my time spent in London uploaded soon.

Now all I have to do is pack up my life and move it across town to my new flat and then I can relax and enjoy the festive season properly…roll on November 29th!

As promised I shall now reveal the winner of my most recent giveaway. I apologise greatly to those who have been waiting for this moment, and I can't thank you all enough for entering.
The winner is (as chosen by rafflecoptr)…Lorilee from lorileeslondon.blogspot.co.uk, big well done to you! I will definitely be hosting more giveaways in the future when I hit my personal blog milestones so don't despair if you didn't win this time :)

I'm now off to Exeter for the #southwestbloggersmeet and I'm excited to meet some people in my local area!

Hope you're all well,


Life Update

I really did not want to fall out of sync with posting here on Confetti Letters because I love escaping to my blog so much, but real life has got in the way of enjoyable things of late.

My biggest issue has been the fact that we've practically been evicted from the flat J and I share and the landlady wanted us gone asap because she decided to change her mind and not offer us another 6 month contract after sending us the paperwork to say that we could stay. Life is upside down with moving, changing over bills, scraping together a deposit for a new place and planning the move. We've found a new place, it's more gorgeous than I've seen, and we're upsizing significantly, which will mean lots of home planning posts when I'm a bit more settled. But for now I have to juggle my full time job, promotion and a house move all within the next 21 days…bare with me!

I will also be announcing the winner of my giveaway very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! For now, the most control I have in life are over the things that are free and full of fun, hence the happy image :)

In the meantime, be patient with me <3