February Empties

Another month, another lot of empties. I think I've done rather well this month, but, as ever, just as I've managed to make dents in my stash I end up purchasing more products! It's a vicious cycle...

First up, products that have been in my bathroom includes two shower gels, one by Jack Wills in their signature English Velvet scent, and the other by Soap & Glory in their Sugar Crush scent. I absolutely adore both of these products, and if I didn't have a million and one shower gels waiting to be used up I'd definitely consider repurchasing these two. 

The Elvive shampoo and conditioner I bought on a whim because the shampoo had what looked like micro glitter particles suspended in it. I can honestly say I didn't notice a change in my hair in terms of softness or shine since using these two, and I won't be buying them again. 

I will however be repurchasing the St Ives Apricot scrub. Having dry skin, I can get quite flaky (gross, right?!) and this scrub manages to remove all the dead skin wonderfully. I always feel super squeaky clean when I use it. I know you're probably not supposed to use it more than twice a week, like with most harsher scrubs, but I find that this is great for everyday use. Love it, love it, love it!

The two products at the very bottom are miniatures from Benefit's B.Right skincare range which I absolutely love, the refined facial polish, and the facial scrub. I do not have a single bad word to say about these products other than that they're pretty pricy, but I'd definitely love to buy them again. 

These empties lived in my bedroom and include the standard cotton wool I usually buy from Boots (a constant repurchase, I won't go too much in to those), my favourite candle of all time - Jelly Belly's Toasted Marshmallow (I think this tin was my 5th repurchase!), and some boring old makeup remover pads I had to pick up in a rush when I was out in town. 

I also managed to finish a bottle of brush cleanser from Estee Lauder which was amazing (but pricy, otherwise I would repurchase) and Philosophy's Hope In A Jar which I absolutely hated on account of the fact that this felt very runny, it stung my face and I didn't feel suitably moisturised using it. A big disappointment for something that cost £10 for such a small jar - it was a struggle to use it all up. Not planning on repurchasing that. 

I also finished a Carex hand sanitiser (I can't live without this stuff and have plenty in my stash to use up next), Nivea's Invisible deodorant (I don't have too much to say on this other than it worked like it should have done), a Maxfactor eyeliner (I haven't had this for a long time but was surprised to see it dry out so quickly, not planning on repurchasing this one), a trial sized Seba Med body lotion (not big enough to cover my whole body (definitely not planning on repurchasing)and a teeny tiny Enzyme Peel Mask (again not planning to repurchase). 

The final two products are moisturiser, a Lancome freebie I got in a bag of makeup I received as part of a Christmas deal and a miniature pot of my beloved Benefit Total Moisture cream. I don't think I'd buy the Lancome again, it wasn't thick enough for me, but I'm hoping the birthday fairies have granted me a big pot of Benefit's Total Moisture...here's hoping!

What have you finished up recently?

Slimming World Week Two

So this week I didn't do as grand as the last weigh in, lost 1lb and not the 3lbs I was aiming for. But hey ho, I'm still going in the right direction...downwards!

I had a fab start to the week, eating well and having my 5 a day. But then sun/mon/tues saw me running around and getting annoyed at my dissertation and certain ignorant and inconsiderate people who live in my student house and the flat upstairs...So I ate pizza and creme eggs and tried to make myself feel better.

This didn't go quite to plan, mind. Which is a positive thing, as consuming lots of junk made my new found healthy insides feel disgusting and ended up feeling quite sick. It's a positive because every time I want to munch out I just need to remember how the junk made me feel and then I won't want it again. Win!

I made a step, so to speak, towards my bronze body magic this week - getting off the bus a few stops early and walking home the rest of the way, walking to class, and I even walked the two miles from my front door to the library yesterday which was nice.

My plans for this week are to continue walking around and get back on track like I was in week one. If I manage to lose 6lbs this week I will be looking at receiving my stone award! But, as ever, I won't get disheartened if that doesn't happen, any loss is a gain in my mind!

Loss to date: -8.5lbs.
Time taken? 2 weeks.
Next milestone at -10lbs.
Reward: Cath Kidston camera case


The 'More Affordable' Birthday Wish List

A few posts ago I put up my 'If Money Was No Object' birthday wish list. Unfortunately money is a significantly big object in my life, and I thought I'd put up another, more affordable wish list. (As it stands my birthday's only 14 days away *squeals with excitement*!)

As you can see I'm currently obsessing over all of the latest Urban Decay releases, the Flushed Palette, Naked Basics Palette and the Naked Skin foundation. I want the Naked Nails and the Naked BB cream too, but I couldn't have an entire Urban Decay wish list could I?!

I'm also absolutely adoring all of Cath Kidston's newest prints for spring. The strawberry gadget case would be a perfect house for my Nikon digital camera, and the adorable little floral pencil case would mean that all of my stationary could live in one designated place. Is it me or the more pens you own, the less you can ever find one?

I'm also always grateful whenever anyone spends the £26.50 necessary to purchase this moisturiser. It's my favourite one of all time and I absolutely adore all Benefit products. I also can't wait for the new Fake Up concealer, but that's coming out in the UK in April so I can't have it for my birthday...boo!

Finally, anyone who knows me knows that I don't actually own a pair of trousers (save my ones for work but they don't count as they're part of a uniform). I literally live in my leggings and recently spotted these on the Topshop website, how cool are they! I'd pair them with a lovely floaty white top and a statement necklace - perfect for channelling the monochrome trend that's back in fashion at the moment.

What are you lusting over at the moment?


Review // Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match Goodbye Dry

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm fickle when it comes to brands and products. I'll always love something and then go out to repurchase it only to find myself wanting to try something new, just in case. There are so many beauty products available on today's market that I also sometimes find myself feeling a little lost with what to pick as my new product as I often get caught up in the hype, and like to try things that other people have also tried.

When I needed a new moisturiser (and I mean I actually needed one, I had no facial moisturiser samples in my stash!) I found myself turning to one of the ladies who works in my local boots. She told me she had dry skin, just like I do and was loving the new Garnier Moisture Match products and recommended that I give the 'dry to very dry skin' moisturiser a go. And so I did...

I've really been enjoying using this moisturiser, and, dare I write it, but it's been giving my beloved Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream a run for it's £26.50 price tag. At only £5.99 for 50ml this is an incredibly fast performing and luxurious feeling moisturiser.

The ingredients sound delectable, it's enriched with shea butter, omega 3 and 6, and Carmellia oil, all known for their nourishing properties. The scent of the cream is divine too, it's light, refreshing and almost floral so it definitely has my seal of approval!

The consistency is a rich cream, so a little definitely goes a long way. For something so rich I'm surprised at how fast it absorbs into my skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple with none of the tell tale tightness of flaky appearance that dry skin is known for. I suffer the most on my nose, and with the wrong foundation my skin looks worse, however I've seen a visible improvement since using this moisturiser! Cue a happy Louise!

There are five variations of this moisturiser available, all tailored to suit different skin types. From Goodbye Dry (for dry to very dry skin), Start Afresh (for normal to dry skin), Shine Be Gone (for combination to oily skin), Wake Me Up (for dull skin), and Protect & Glow (for normal skin). There's bound to be one to suit your skin, I can't recommend them enough!

What's your favourite moisturiser?


Life Via Instagram

I haven't posted an Instagram update in a while now, but as today is consumed by rushing around cutting many thousands of words out of my dissertation I thought I'd pop up a quick post to show you what I've been taking pictures of...you may just spot my face!

Sunday indulgence // Me via Chibime // Dissertation Day // Lipstick storage // Rocking Plum Lips
Philosophy in TKMaxx // Healthy Fruit Salad // Rocking Morange Lips // Valentine's Glossybox //Fine One One

Rose Gold Nails // Cocktails // Bed // New Fairy Lights // Dissertation
Speckled Nails // Cocoppa App // Kindle Love // Mini Eggs // A Day In The Library

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed // Smelling Divine Post Shower // 1st Birchbox // Hi // Maybelline Rocket Is Amazing!
Missing My Boy // Snow Day // I Hate Snow Face // Off Out For Dinner // Hunter's In The Snow
If you don't follow me on Instagram I'd love you to seek me out, I'm louisekwilliams on there. I pretty much follow back too!

Happy Sunday <3


Review | MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

As a self confessed Kim Kardashian fanatic (don't judge, the Kardashins are all amazingly beautiful and business savvy!) I am constantly in awe of her dewy glowy skin. Having very dry skin myself I always find it nice to put some oomph into my cheeks on top of my foundation, or else I feel like I look plain and monotone. Strange I know, but skin is made to be glowing and illuminated in my opinion. 

While I'm not the world's biggest fan of the MUA brand, in fact their shoddy customer service severely puts me off, but I couldn't pass up this product from their latest line, Undress Your Skin. A mere £3 in Superdrug no less! 

I spotted this lovely looking highlighter and immediately loved it. (I don't know how they've managed to get away with almost copying MAC with the design of the product in the pan though!)
MUA say: 'A lightweight baked powder designed to provide sheer coverage and a radiant soft-focus effect to transform your complexion with luminescence shimmer. The Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder perfects any look by creating a natural, healthy glow that is suitable for all skin tones.'

Benefit Watt's Up // MAC Soft & Gentle // MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter
Although I loved this product based on the look of it, I admit that I'm left a teeny bit underwhelmed with the application of this highlighter. It looks so golden and delicious in the pan, and then on a swatch it comes out very pink, like a light champagne. I swatched it with my other two favourite golden highlighters because I thought it could match them, but as you can see it clearly doesn't. It's not incredibly pigmented and the shimmer's not all too brilliant. In fact I wore it out and had to reapply my highlighter a number of times, which never happens to me usually. 

So MUA's highlighter is good for a bargain £3, but here is a classic case, in my opinion, of you get what you pay for

Are you more of a matte or dewy skin kinda gal?


Slimming World Diary | Week One

Last Monday I took the decision to join Slimming World (hereafter: SW), or, as it's more affectionately known in my student house, 'fat fighters'. This is my SW week one diary, because to document is to have proof right? And to have proof means I can't ever forget how far I've come from where I've been...so here goes...

There's only so much a computer and the Internet can display about a person. The girl typing this is me, but what I post online is one a teeny tiny portion of my life, so much so that it can be easy to forget that there's still a whole person behind the blog, the website, the Twitter account and the Instagram pictures. In essence, we channel exactly how we want to be portrayed and viewed in our online pursuits and leave the bits of our lives out that we're not comfortable enough to show. For this reason alone, I have never really displayed full body shots of myself. Not because I am ashamed or extremely hate my body, but because the past 4 years of my life have caused it to change shape beyond my own recognition and that scares me.

At the start of this process I was 18 and about 10-11 stone (I can't remember exactly, but at 5'7 this was perfect for my height) and I decided at the time that getting the contraceptive implant was a good thing for me to do. Big mistake. It reacted badly with my body, I instantly began piling on the pounds with the crazy hormones it was giving me and had some other horrid side effects. At the same time I started my job in McDonald's, which was where I met J, my boyfriend. So, the combination of these three factors, all happening at the same time, propelled me to start gaining weight. At the time, when I was 10-11 stone I had the typical teenage hang ups, all my friends were much smaller than me and I thought I was massive. I know now that I was, in my eyes, perfect. I was my envision of perfection and it's only by realising that now, when it's too late and I'm 4 years older, that I am able to see what I've got myself into.

I'm not revealing exactly what I weigh now. I'm going to do that at the end when it can no longer haunt me. I am going to reveal my weight loss for this week through SW though: -7.5lbs! I was so excited to see that on the scales that it didn't really register with me what was happening. I got given my half stone certificate and a sticker for my diary...and the idea now is onwards and downwards (for going upwards would be a very bad thing to to!).

I have found my first week on SW amazing. I, along with my friends, am amazed at the things this plan lets you eat and how it addresses the psychology of overeating. I'm following the 'Extra Easy' plan, where I'm allowed 10-15 syns (the humorous SW name for naughty treats like freddo bars, crisps, biscuits and cake) a day, and can consume as much of the free and super free foods as I want (pasta, rice, vegetables, potatoes, noodles, soy sauce, fruits etc). I then also pick one choice a day from option A (dairy products like milk and cheese etc) and one choice from option B (carbohydrate based products like bread, cereal, crackers etc). If i'm hungry I reach for my free and super free foods, I've discovered Quorn and have eaten so much more fruit and veg recently. This is called Food Optimising, which is basically portion control with a fancy name and it teaches you about the different food groups. The psychology of it all has got me, and it's definitely working with my brain! For example, this week I've been cooking more (and have the burns to prove it) and made stir fry, pasta bakes, pizza, quorn dishes and fry ups for breakfast!

The other half of the plan is exercise, cleverly disguised as Body Magic, where you build upwards from 45 minutes per week of moderate exercise on a Bronze level, to multiple minutes of intense exercise per day on Gold, and then Platinum levels. Even in these past 7 days alone I've found myself walking much more, getting off the bus 2-3 stops earlier and walking the rest of the way, walking faster around the city and I even tried the 30 Day Shred. I have decided to work towards my bronze certificate this week and then once I reach my Club 10 (which is once you've shed 10% of your body weight) I will go for Silver and then Gold. 

So my target for this week is to lose another 3lbs, as set at my SW meeting. I'm feeling positive, and fingers crossed I can mirror this week's success, but burn myself less whilst cooking! 

I just have to remember to strive for progress, not perfection...



Review | Boots Extracts Body Butters

On a recent trip to the Metrocentre my housemate bought a coconut flavoured body butter, which, at the time, was the only one left on the shelf, and I instantly became quite jealous. It smelled delicious, and looked exactly like the body butter I'd previously been eying up in the Body Shop (but didn't fancy forking out almost £15 for). At £7.95 each I was tempted to find a Boots employee and purchase a body butter of my own, but resisted, telling myself that I had far too much body butter to use up at home already.

As you can tell from the images in this post that that didn't work. In fact, when I went back to the Boots in Durham, and got left alone for 5 minutes while another friend was being matched to a No7 foundation, I ventured upstairs to be faced with a 3 for 2 on indulgent bathing. Cue me ending up paying for 3 body butters, instead of the one coconut one I'd originally wanted. I really must stop doing this...

I'm so glad I picked up these body butters though, they've triumphed all of my other body lotions that I have on the go at the moment - which is saying something! Boots state that their body butter 'intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth', and I couldn't agree more, which is a good thing considering I bought three and as ever, the smell enticed me in! There's just something about coconut, vanilla and cocoa bean scents that I can't get enough of at the moment. 

The consistency of the butter is so silky it's like applying satin to your skin, and the scent lingers, but not too powerfully, for a little while after application which makes me want to lick my skin (which, or course is a little odd and I don't actually do that...). The result? Beautifully smooth and hydrated skin which makes me a happy girlie. What's more is that they're all fair trade and the cocoa butter and coconut butter are both organic - *waves goodbye to nasty ingredients*. 

I can't praise these highly enough, I might even ask for some of the other scents for my birthday, the mango one also looked delightful...

What's your favourite scent? 


Haulin' - Past 14 Days Purchases

I thought I'd post a little collective haul of things I've been buying over the last fortnight. As ever the lure of Boots catches me every time I walk to the bus stop, and I've made multiple trips there over the past 14 days using up some extra points vouchers that were due to expire. I now have a cool £24.95 of Boots points to be spent - whoo!

On trip number one I bought the three Boots Extracts body butters which are divine. They all smell amazing and literally melt into your skin leaving it feeling extra soft and smooth. I've been using the Cocoa Butter one the most, a way to get my chocolate fix into my day! On this occasion I also picked up the Bourjois Health Balance powder (bottom right) and this is fast becoming one of my favourite powders for sure. It gives me a nice healthy colour and doesn't dry out my skin, perfect!

Trip number two resulted in me buying my lunch and the Seventeen 'All Dolled Up Mascara'. I can't say that this is my favourite mascara ever, but it does the job fine.

Trip number three saw me pick up three more Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks in the shades 07 - Fuschia Graffiti, 10 - Rouge Buzz, and 12 - Rose Neon, which brings my total collection to 5. I absolutely adore these lip colours, I'm seriously considering hunting them all down and buying the lot! I also bought myself a new moisturiser, the Garnier Moisture Match for dry skin, and caved in to purchasing Benefit's Fine One One which I have also been adoring lately.

I also bought the Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette from Debenhams online, for 10% off and free delivery making it £31.50 instead of £35. It truly is a beauty, post coming soon...

Finally, yesterday I ventured into TKMaxx and bought the 4 Philosophy shower gels for £12.50 instead of £16 (I know they're very wintery but I've never tried Philosophy bath stuff before and these are delightful). I also got the Paris Hilton for Elegant Touch nails for £2.99, they're in a style I've been eyeing up in the shops for a while but never managed to purchase (RRP £7.99), the little pink notebook with the Eiffel Tower on it (£2.99) and the Cath Kidston rose scented drawer sheets (£5.99) which are a total non-necessity but they smell so lovely I just had to have them for my underwear drawer!

So that's what I've been buying.
What have you picked up lately?


Saturday Inspiration

Found here.
As I type this I am sitting in the University library, 8,134/10,000 words into my dissertation and drinking lots and lots of water to combat my dry lips and my need to fall asleep. (It works, seriously, drink loads and you won't be able to nap 'cause you'll need a wee all the time! Tried and tested essay writing method...!)

Just a short post to provide a small break for my brain (I can knock out a long post in hardly any time, but writing 10000 on the lack of use of autobiographical research methods in Criminology takes a lot, lot, longer) and to give you a little insight into my current life mantra. I keep telling myself this in all aspects of my life at the moment, doing lengths in the pool, writing my essays, trekking up hills.

Whatever you can apply this saying to in your life just remember one thing - never, ever give up.



A Long Distance Valentine

So there's this boy...and y'know...I kinda love him...

I first met my Joseph 3 years ago when I turned up to work at the Macs store he was working in. I can't say it was love at first sight (I don't believe in that nonsense, I believe you have to learn to love someone!) and that we bonded over our love for Quarter Pounders and chocolate milkshake, but there was this one time after work when I left through the back door (naughty Louise, that's not allowed!) and ended up finding out that he lived in the same little village I was living in at the time. I leaned on the wheelie bin, he gave me his number, and we decided to meet up the same night. Romantic stuff.

I remember what I wore, my Topshop denim skirt (I know now that he hates denim skirts!) and my grey Topshop felt coat. I remember it being cold. I was nervous and excited. We were 18/19, young, free, and soon to be single no more. It was the end of March and I'd just returned from visiting my university for their post application open day and knew I'd be going to live up in the North East in 6 months time. I was honest with him from the very beginning, and he promised me he'd stick by through and through. 3 years have passed, I'm due to graduate, and we're still together :-)

We're total opposites, which does and doesn't work.
I like reading books, he'd rather play FIFA.
He thinks potatoes are delightful, I think they're gross.
He's a night owl, I hate staying in bed past 8:30am.
He'd rather spend a sunday watching football, I'd rather be pampering in the bath.
He hates shopping, I shop too much.
I dislike cooking, he's a bit of a whizz in the kitchen.

Despite our flaws, we've stuck by each other for 3 years now long distance. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say that LDR's are easy. When you're two people with separate lives who come together for a short while and are then torn apart again it's difficult to get back into the swing of things, and I know he finds it easier than I do. There are certain things he does that I wish he didn't do, and if I had to change one thing about our relationship then it'd be that he would call/text me more, but in the long run I have to be thankful that we have our health, we're still together, and that we're breathing.

Found here.

If you're in a LDR, or are about to enter one here are my five top tips for surviving:

1) Call/text/FaceTime/send post often. I don't mean every five seconds, but a lovely random text message to remind them that you miss them, or that you're thinking of them is always a welcome message. With the advent of modern technology it's now much easier to communicate with people at the opposite end of the country, and even the opposite side of the world. I try and aim for a least one FaceTime session a week, to see your loved one's face is such a rare thing in an LDR that any time you can get to physically see them (even if it is through a computer screen) is better than no time at all. Communication is key.

2) Try not to mope. I found this hard initially, and even get angry sometimes when he doesn't display any signs of missing me at all, but go out and find things to do to fill up your time so you're not sitting around getting jealous of other couples who display too much PDA and who are having a whale of a time together. If that bothers you, just leave the room or the area and spend a few minutes reflecting on how you're feeling and then move on.

3) Schedule a time/place when you're going to see your partner again. I always find that having something to look forward to keeps me moving forward and gives me a goal to work towards. For example, J will be coming up to Durham to see me for my birthday, which is in approximately 22 days time. This spurs me on to complete my work on time, finish everything I have to do, and then make time to prepare for his arrival. Not only am I filling my time running around like a busy bee, finishing essays and washing my bedding, but it doesn't give me time to mope - bonus!

4) Ultimately you have to remember to think positive, and put your trust in your relationship. I know that this is easier said than done but I always find myself trusting him, but having no trust for other people. If anything horrendous did find it's way to warrant my attention I'd then be able to look at the bigger picture and not immediately jump to conclusions involving him.

5) No matter what, don't ever give up.

Found here.

Whether you're loved up together, loved up apart, or singling and mingling have a love filled day today. Even if you havent got a romantic flame burning right this minute, make some time to share some love to your friends, your parents, you grandparents and even your pets. If there's a person in your life that brings you happiness, then they deserve some love too. In the end though, remember that you don't ever really need to project love onto someone else, your own mind and body should be the first things you take care of. 'Cause if you don't love you, how can you let anyone else in to do so too?
What are your plans for today?

<3 <3 <3


The 'If Money Was No Object' Birthday Wish List

Barbour Liberty Print Jacket - £229
Mulberry Continental Wallet - £295
Nars 'The Happening' Palette -£45
Ugg Bailey Button Boots - £195
Mulberry Bayswater Handbag - £895
Today I realised that it's exactly 4 weeks until my 22nd birthday. My birthday is that one day of the year where I feel and act like the Queen of the world, where I want to put so many plans into motion, drink champagne and go for afternoon tea at Laduree in London. Or even Paris, y'know I'm not fussed. 

This is my 'if money was no object' birthday wish list. One day I hope to call all of these items my own...a girl can dream eh!

Also, please be a doll and vote Confetti Letters in the Boux Avenue competition? I will be sharing treats with my readers if I win :D Click here, click the Confetti Letters button, and then click vote. Simples <3


Cast Your vote for ConfettiLetters!

Ahh I'm so excited because I've only gone and made the shortlist for Boux Avenue's Valentine's Competition...so now I need your help!

If I win, I get to share an exclusive discount code with all of my fabulous readers, and will be holding a pretty little giveaway to say thank-you very much...

So, what are you waiting for?

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Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

One of the great things in life that sustains my ability to breath is my consumption of milkshake, namely chocolate flavour Yazoo, or even just Tesco's own chocolate milk. I honestly can't get enough of the stuff. I have read that they say that drinking a milk based protein shake after you finish at the gym is supposed to be better than rehydrating with water - so I seem to have taken this notion one step further and applied to the idea that 'Louise, unless you consume this yummy Yazoo your blood will cease to flow in your veins...'. I'm strange, I know. But imagine my delight when a recent Glossybox contained a hair product by a new brand to me, Milk_Shake Haircare. I squealed with excitement - can I now apply my favourite lifeblood to my hair, and it will smell and feel delightful and I won't get funny looks...ok! 

I'm slowly getting more and more into haircare, and by that I mean using fancier shampoos and treatments, and not just reaching for what's on offer in Boots. I've tried Mythic Oil, leave in conditioner, glossing spray, finishing spray, every thing under the sun, but never a foam/mousse based product because I've never found one that looked right, or smelled right, or did as it said on the cannister. (I just took a minute to laugh at 'mousse based'. No moose were harmed in the writing of this review! Poor moose!)

Milk_Shake have the answer to all of my mousse problems. Their Conditioning Whipped Cream is a treasure. I'm secretly loving the fact that I'm applying a non-artificial vanilla scented, milkshake based, whipped cream mousse to my hair and not feeling gross. Yum. 

The brand is sets out to 'enhance and maintain the natural beauty of your hair' and 'offers the benefits of milk and fruit for wellbeing and beauty' through a range of fabulous products to suit any hair type or problem. Next on my wish list is their shampoo and conditioner, and a treatment mask!

The actual product itself is designed as a leave in conditioner for all hair types. It nourishes your hair and leaves it feeling super soft and glossy. The mousse doesn't even feel too heavy, and it melts into the hair beautifully, leaving no residue or a film behind. 

To apply Milk_Shake's mousse I usually shake the canister first, then apply a golf ball sized amount to my hand (one of the great things is watching the mousse expand in your hand!) and then work it into my scalp and ends of my hair. Do this every time you've washed your hair and then leave it to soak in, no rinsing required, and let it work it's magic. I absolutely love it!

It's practically good enough to drink...but don't do that, find a real milkshake instead! 

You can buy Milk_Shake from Feel Unique, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic. Prices vary, but the Conditioning Whipped Cream ranges from £11-£14 for 200ml depending on where you shop. 

What do you use to take care of your hair?
Are you a milkshake fiend like I am?


Confetti Letters' Sunday Sensations

This week I wrote a guest post for Clare's Sunday Sensations, sharing some of the things that I have loved from the past seven days. It was hard to choose and narrow down my options but I hope you'll agree with me that they're all fab.

Taken from here.
Favourite Beauty Product:
This week it most definitely has to be my new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 03 Peche Cosy. I wrote a post about my love for this fabulous colour, and while it's not quite a wintery shade it'll see me nicely through to spring and Summer. Bourjois have only recently brought out their Rouge Edition range, there are 17 colours so there's bound to be one you love. Boots are also doing a 'buy one get one half price' offer on them at the moment, so get down to Boots quickly!

Favourite Event:
I haven't really been to any events lately, if at all. As I'm in my final few months of university there's not a lot of excitement happening in my non-academic life save for the precious times when I am able to score my favourite seat in the library - sad eh!? Can I cop out and say that the #bbloggers chats have been my favourite events this week? I love chatting on Twitter to anyone and everyone, and love getting to know some of the lovely people behind my favourite blogs and I definitely love the way that everyone shares their knowledge with each other so we can all benefit from extra beauty tips. I adore the #bbloggers community <3 Ps. If you want to follow me on Twitter, find me @louisekwilliams :)

Favourite Post I've Written:
Ooo do I really have to choose? I'm going to pick one beauty and one more lifestyle orientated post. My favourite beauty post was my review of Illamasqua's I'mperfection speckled nail polish in 'Scarce'. If it's possible to fall in love with your nails then I might have just done that this week.
My favourite lifestyle post has been my Woodland Bunnies ice lolly maker that I bought from dotcomgiftshop. They're an adorable way to indulge my love for cute rabbits, and love of ice cream/ice lollies at the same time. I've been experimenting with homemade ice lolly recipes since I bought it and have found some firm favourites!

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Favourite Blogger:
My favourite blogger this week has been Jade from Beads of Jade. She's recently decided to come back to blogging and I truly believe she deserves more readers. She has a lovely mix of posts on her blog, from beauty reviews, to wish lists and more. I have loved her insight into her MAC pro palette this week, as well as her review of Katy Perry for Eyelure eyelashes, Jade they look amazing on you and I have definitely found some more MAC shadows I would like to add to the spaces remaining in my palette. Go and follow her blog and her twitter (@beadsofjade) :)

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My favourite video is a song that made me laugh this week. My boyfriend insists that it's a 'tune' and won't stop quoting lyrics to me down the phone! If you ever shop at a thrift/charity shop, you'll find yourself singing along :)

So those were Confetti Letters' Sunday Sensations!
What's been your favourite moments of the past seven days?


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Boux...

Image courtesy of Boux Avenue
Whether you're loved up, or loving being a single gal, every lady has some kind of opinion about St Valentine's Day. I'm talking that one day a year when we're all supposed to show our boyfriends and girlfriends how much we love them, when it's appropriate to be overtly mushy and slushy for twenty-four solid hours and where a big delivery of two dozen red roses, chocolates and a giant teddy bear to the office mid-afternoon will prompt affectionate oooh's and aaah's from colleagues who pretend to hide their jealousy. Valentine's Day for me is just another excuse to receive, or even give, presents. As a self confessed material girl I love stuff, and I'm not ashamed to deny it. In fact this year, due to the fact that my significant other will be seven hours away from me, I will be mostly practicing the art of 'self-gifting' and indulging in a little me time (hell, I might not even shave my legs...I joke!) involving a hot shower, my favourite book and a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs.

Image courtesy of Boux Avenue
The thing I fear most about Valentine's day is not feeling, well, all that red and rosy. I don't believe that a single date in the calendar should be set aside as a day when everyone should give their significant other some affection, be overly nice, or even agree to spend time with them. If that doesn't come to you naturally on a daily basis then I'm sorry to be frank girls and boys, but grab a box of Kleenex and get out of your relationship. That aside, how can I say no to indulging my inner siren and putting together a selection of gift guides? If Cupid's listening he's going to point you to the other love of my life (after J of course...!), Boux Avenue. I discovered Boux in 2011 and since then have not bought lingerie from any other brand. It has everything I want and then some: a more than fabulous shopping experience, gorgeous underwear pieces, beautiful toiletries and amazing, classy, nightwear to suit any occasion (*wink wink*). There really is no-where else a gift giver needs to shop!

I've created two Valentine's Day wish list gift guides to help you find a little inspiration for the big V-Day. Whether you find yourself singing 'all the singles ladies' or nesting with your special someone there's bound to be something that you'll want to wear under the sheets. (J, if you're reading take note...)

Images courtesy of Boux Avenue and BeautySets
Wish List Part Un 

This beautiful set of gifts will appeal to any lady with a softer side to romance. She loves walking by the river in the summer eating an ice cream, or running through piles of fallen leaves in the autumn. She's beautiful and carefree, she always takes the time out to make time for herself in her busy schedule and dreams of visiting Paris to put a padlock on lovers' bridge. She's the feminine girlie girl, the one who smells of flowers or sweet treats like spun sugar and vanilla. Her favourite colours are soft pinks and white, and she'll probably be the girl ringing you up to ask you out for afternoon tea to chitter chatter over cake and good friendship. 

Images courtesy of Boux Avenue and BeautySets
Wish List Part Deux

This feisty set of gifts appeals to the smouldering temptress who is quietly confident, sassy but classy and cute yet coy. She's the girl that has no problem saying yes to the nights she won't forget and the moments in life that take her breath away. She's the after dinner, after dark, seducer who knows exactly what she wants, yet doesn't take anyone for granted. She's the enchanting kitten that whispers sweet nothings in your ear, invites you to undress her with your eyes but doesn't give too much away. She's the oh-so-irrisitable girl that will text you in code, and leave you wanting more...

Do you see anything you fancy?

Don't forget ladies, even if your Valentine is a figment in your imagination, or, like mine, living at the opposite end of the country, who said you have to have someone else present in your bed in order to wear gorgeous lingerie?

Are you more of a soft romantic, or a tempting seductress? Or even better, a bit of both? I know who I am... ;-)

Lots of love <3
This post is my entry to Boux Avenue's Valentine's Competition