Slimming World Week Two

So this week I didn't do as grand as the last weigh in, lost 1lb and not the 3lbs I was aiming for. But hey ho, I'm still going in the right direction...downwards!

I had a fab start to the week, eating well and having my 5 a day. But then sun/mon/tues saw me running around and getting annoyed at my dissertation and certain ignorant and inconsiderate people who live in my student house and the flat upstairs...So I ate pizza and creme eggs and tried to make myself feel better.

This didn't go quite to plan, mind. Which is a positive thing, as consuming lots of junk made my new found healthy insides feel disgusting and ended up feeling quite sick. It's a positive because every time I want to munch out I just need to remember how the junk made me feel and then I won't want it again. Win!

I made a step, so to speak, towards my bronze body magic this week - getting off the bus a few stops early and walking home the rest of the way, walking to class, and I even walked the two miles from my front door to the library yesterday which was nice.

My plans for this week are to continue walking around and get back on track like I was in week one. If I manage to lose 6lbs this week I will be looking at receiving my stone award! But, as ever, I won't get disheartened if that doesn't happen, any loss is a gain in my mind!

Loss to date: -8.5lbs.
Time taken? 2 weeks.
Next milestone at -10lbs.
Reward: Cath Kidston camera case


  1. Damn I wish my body was disgusted with junk! I'm really trying to eat healthier too :D


  2. Wow, you are doing so well :) I'm doing weightwatchers and have lost 8lbs in the last 3 weeks. Hoping to hit my stone mark in the next couple! And whenever I eat crap food too, body just rejects it. Which is good I guess, but you feel so ill!
    Zoe x

  3. Like you said, losing one pound is still the right direction & all those pounds add up! I know what you mean, I used to eat healthily then binge and I'd feel awful.
    Good luck next week!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  4. You're doing really well :) xx

  5. You're doing fantastic! :) xo

  6. You are doing fantastic darling! Keep it up! I know how you feel about how junk food makes you feel awful now, I feel that way too! But it means that the healthy habits are working :D


  7. Hey lovely! :D
    I've been doing SW for a few months now, nice to see you're doing it to! Don't worry about thinking your weight loss is small this week, trust me you've done amazingly! I mean losing 7.5lbs last week?! WOW! people tend to lose a lot in their first week, and then expect those losses to carry on! To have lost 8.5lbs in two weeks is incredible xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Well done lovely!! :) Keep thinking of that camera case ;)
    New follower after #bbloggers chat

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  9. Well done! A loss is a loss and at least your trying. :)
    All the best to you! :)



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