Roses Are Red, Violets Are Boux...

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Whether you're loved up, or loving being a single gal, every lady has some kind of opinion about St Valentine's Day. I'm talking that one day a year when we're all supposed to show our boyfriends and girlfriends how much we love them, when it's appropriate to be overtly mushy and slushy for twenty-four solid hours and where a big delivery of two dozen red roses, chocolates and a giant teddy bear to the office mid-afternoon will prompt affectionate oooh's and aaah's from colleagues who pretend to hide their jealousy. Valentine's Day for me is just another excuse to receive, or even give, presents. As a self confessed material girl I love stuff, and I'm not ashamed to deny it. In fact this year, due to the fact that my significant other will be seven hours away from me, I will be mostly practicing the art of 'self-gifting' and indulging in a little me time (hell, I might not even shave my legs...I joke!) involving a hot shower, my favourite book and a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs.

Image courtesy of Boux Avenue
The thing I fear most about Valentine's day is not feeling, well, all that red and rosy. I don't believe that a single date in the calendar should be set aside as a day when everyone should give their significant other some affection, be overly nice, or even agree to spend time with them. If that doesn't come to you naturally on a daily basis then I'm sorry to be frank girls and boys, but grab a box of Kleenex and get out of your relationship. That aside, how can I say no to indulging my inner siren and putting together a selection of gift guides? If Cupid's listening he's going to point you to the other love of my life (after J of course...!), Boux Avenue. I discovered Boux in 2011 and since then have not bought lingerie from any other brand. It has everything I want and then some: a more than fabulous shopping experience, gorgeous underwear pieces, beautiful toiletries and amazing, classy, nightwear to suit any occasion (*wink wink*). There really is no-where else a gift giver needs to shop!

I've created two Valentine's Day wish list gift guides to help you find a little inspiration for the big V-Day. Whether you find yourself singing 'all the singles ladies' or nesting with your special someone there's bound to be something that you'll want to wear under the sheets. (J, if you're reading take note...)

Images courtesy of Boux Avenue and BeautySets
Wish List Part Un 

This beautiful set of gifts will appeal to any lady with a softer side to romance. She loves walking by the river in the summer eating an ice cream, or running through piles of fallen leaves in the autumn. She's beautiful and carefree, she always takes the time out to make time for herself in her busy schedule and dreams of visiting Paris to put a padlock on lovers' bridge. She's the feminine girlie girl, the one who smells of flowers or sweet treats like spun sugar and vanilla. Her favourite colours are soft pinks and white, and she'll probably be the girl ringing you up to ask you out for afternoon tea to chitter chatter over cake and good friendship. 

Images courtesy of Boux Avenue and BeautySets
Wish List Part Deux

This feisty set of gifts appeals to the smouldering temptress who is quietly confident, sassy but classy and cute yet coy. She's the girl that has no problem saying yes to the nights she won't forget and the moments in life that take her breath away. She's the after dinner, after dark, seducer who knows exactly what she wants, yet doesn't take anyone for granted. She's the enchanting kitten that whispers sweet nothings in your ear, invites you to undress her with your eyes but doesn't give too much away. She's the oh-so-irrisitable girl that will text you in code, and leave you wanting more...

Do you see anything you fancy?

Don't forget ladies, even if your Valentine is a figment in your imagination, or, like mine, living at the opposite end of the country, who said you have to have someone else present in your bed in order to wear gorgeous lingerie?

Are you more of a soft romantic, or a tempting seductress? Or even better, a bit of both? I know who I am... ;-)

Lots of love <3
This post is my entry to Boux Avenue's Valentine's Competition


  1. I LOVE Boux Avenue but bloody hell it isn't half expensive xx


    1. It's definitely worth the money though...makes me feel a millions dollars ;-)

  2. Both sets look amazing, but I LOVE black so I'd go with that.

    xo, Vita

    1. Thank-you!
      I love black too, so classy, and you can't go wrong!


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