A-Z of me :-)

I found this nifty little quiz on a fellow Louise's blog, (check out sprinkleofglitter on youtube and blogger, she's ace!) and thought I'd have a go at putting in my own answers, sort of as a mini guide to me :-) I am, of course, the girlie in the above picture, so that is what I look like currently - hello! 

The A-Z of Me!

Age: I am 21 :-)

Bed Size: In my student house it's a light brown, broken, double that's very uncomfortable :'( In my home house I have a beautiful, wooden, almost double, that's painted white and it's the comfiest place in the world!

Chore you Hate: Taking out the rubbish bins. And emptying the dishwasher. And hoovering.

Dogs: Love the little bulldog puppies, or black labs, so cute!

Essential start of your day: Water. 

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Gold or Silver: White gold or Platinum. 

Height: 5"8

Instruments I play: I am Grade 1 Clarinet, but really not musical haha. 

Job Title: Full Time Student. Part Time trainee manager and Crew Trainer at the Golden Arches.

Kids: In the future :-)

Live: Devon, Somerset and County Durham.

Mum's name: Kay 

Nickname: Lou, Weez.

Pet Peeve: When people don't pay you back. Or when they make you wait. 

Quote from a movie: When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true...

Right or left handed: Righty.

Siblings: Little brother, James, who's currently at uni in Cheltenham. Bless him.

Time you wake up: Somewhere between 7am and 10am.

Underwear: Boux Avenue always. Ann Summers too, if I'm feeling saucy :P

Vegetables you dislike: Everything!! Don't eat veg. Shame on me.

What makes you run late: Other people. I am ridicously punctual.

X-rays you've had done: Teeth, wrist, appendix area.

Yummy food you make: Cake. And Caesar salad. I hate cooking. 

Zoo animal: Rabbits! Love the fluffy bunnies. And Butterflies too. 


New iPhone clothes :)

Like any girl who loves her accessories I think one of the most important items in one's handbag has to be your mobile phone, and, if you're like me, you want your phone to stand out, to scream 'you' and make people look in adoration when you use it.
So, when I recently splashed out on an early upgrade to an iPhone I knew that a) it simply had to be white, and b) I would need a plethora of covers to suit my ever changing tastes. The result is, as it stands, my little iPhone 4s has a better wardrobe than me. And I, for one, am significantly jealous of my gadget.

Why so jelly, you might ask? Well take a look at this:

This is my custom case from the lovely Lucyboots phone cases. She creates these phone cases for almost every type of phone, all you need to do is e-mail her with your phone model and design ideas (the more information about your design the better, send pictures/sketches, anything to help your case look just how you want it) and she will get back to you with feasibility and pricing. Each case is obviously custom to your tastes and you can choose from an array of decorations to suit your design. My case is a cute kawaii inspired whipped cream design with the bow, minnie mouse cupcake, rabbit, roses, lollipop and cinderella castle, and this really does just scream 'Look at me, I'm the most stylish iPhone 4s in the world and I belong to Louise!!'. I absolutely love that it encompasses all of the things I love in the world (rabbits, Disney, cake and pink glittery things). The little gems were a wonderful surprise as I hadn't included them in my design but I love them so much! So I want to say a big thank-you to Lucy, I absolutely love my case :) You can access Lucyboots cases on her Facebook page here to take a look at the decorations and her other work, or even buy pre made cases here. She can even customise your iPad, kindle or lighters.

Don't you agree that it's beautiful?

Week Away

It's been well over a week since I last posted and I feel bad for my little neglected blog, but I took a mini holiday to go and play house with my boyfriend while his family went on holiday so I wasn't giving up on my blogging :-). It was nice to get to spend such an intense amount of time with him considering how long distance we are, but my goodness, men are hard to live with!!

We didn't end up doing very much as he had to work everyday, but I quite enjoyed my little jaunt sitting on his sofa every morning watching all of the rubbish programmes Sky has to offer (Sky would eat my freeview channels for breakfast!)

Just a few Instagram shots: L-R: Dinner on the first night, I have a cupcake obsession, Princess Cupcakes, The Woof working the camera, The first of many Dominos orders, Vanilla cheesecake - yummy!, I put a pretty little bow in my hair, If Joseph got any closer to the TV he'd be on the Fifa pitch!, Joseph got a new tattoo, 18:07 and we'd just got up, Mini Creme Eggs on offer, Joseph and I on a lovely sunny day. 

He also treated me to my first car boot sale experience which was simply only that. The people really were just up for selling tat, so I managed to not break into the £20 note that was burning a hole in my pocket!

All in all I had a lovely week, kept the house tidy and ate so much food. I only have a matter of days now before I return to uni so my Wunderlist app is screaming at me to do things, like revision, workbooks, tidying etc. Such is life!

What have you all been up to?


If I Was A Rich Girl #7

All pictures taken from companies' respective websites.

  1. Nars are a brand I have not yet ventured into. I know there's a lot of products from them that I really want to try, icons like Orgasm, or their Turkish Delight lipgloss but for some reason I've not taken the plunge. This is the Nars SS12 Love Rite set, priced £39 on Asos.com. I love the fact that it contains mini versions of 2 of the shades that I want, but I just need to look past the price tag if I want to buy it!
  2. How adorable is this little guy! He's the Mulberry Teddy Friendship Bracelet, priced at £80. I'm a girlie girl through and through so the pink cord strap is a real hit in this camp.
  3. The last time I was at the MAC counter getting my face done the lady used this on me. Fell hopelessly in love 'cause it blew all other primers out of the window for me. It's £21.50 for 30ml and has the added bonus of SPF 50 no less! Tempting purchase for the incoming blast of Florida sun on my body in September.
  4. I'm really into all things perspex at the moment. There's just something about ice cream coloured plastic that makes me go mad for whatever item it happens to be. This Jelly Bowler bag is from New Look priced at £15.99 which I believe is a bit of a bargain.
  5. Again I am channelling my inner child with these amazing Nail Rock nail wraps. Available as Asos for £6.50 this is the mixed Toonland set, so cute!
  6. I actually just managed to purchase this Ted Baker Shyla purse on eBay for a mere £47 (RRP £65). It's a gorgeous patent deep pink colour with a cream interior and little jewels on the clasp. Mmm, so pretty! Still available on the Ted Baker website of course :) 


Seven Successful Stories - March

I cannot believe we're already into the 4th month of 2012! Time needs to slow down considerably!!
Anyway, here I am again with my positive look at the month just gone where I focus on the good things, the things I achieved et cetera.

  1. I turned 21 and got nicely spoilt with a Thomas Sabo bracelet, some Tiffany & Co sunglasses, $$$ for my holiday, £££, chocolate and other such exciting presents, I love my birthday!
  2. I managed to complete and hand in all of my summative essays on time and stuck to reasonable word count limits. I'll get the results when I go back for Summer term, fingers crossed!
  3. I made my first proper venture into using Mac Cosmetics after only really admiring their products from afar. My first purchase was the Studio Fix foundation and Viva Glam Nicki, but since I have managed to get my mitts on Creme Cup, Studio fixed powder, Studio Sculpt, a 188 brush and now I have a list as long as my forearm of products that I want. (Prep and prime, Dainty blush etc). 
  4. I made my first step into management in my job by putting on my new uniform. I instantly felt like I  was off to a real job and absolutely love the fact that I can now wear a skirt to work, and not get so hideously uncomfortable in trousers. This girl does not have a single pair of trousers in her wardrobe. Fact. 
  5. I took the plunge and upgraded early to an iPhone. I absolutely love it and cannot get enough of the apps and the smartness of the handset. It's so smart that it's too clever for me! Loving Siri too, new bff!? So come and follow me on twitter and instagram, both @louisekwilliams :)
  6. I got back into baking a little and whipped up a few tasty treats, I want to perfect my cupcake creations, there's just something about mini cakes that's so adorable!
  7. My little blog made it onto the front page of Bloggers.com! I was chosen as one of the editor's picks of the day! I'm excited to carry on my blogging journey :)