A-Z of me :-)

I found this nifty little quiz on a fellow Louise's blog, (check out sprinkleofglitter on youtube and blogger, she's ace!) and thought I'd have a go at putting in my own answers, sort of as a mini guide to me :-) I am, of course, the girlie in the above picture, so that is what I look like currently - hello! 

The A-Z of Me!

Age: I am 21 :-)

Bed Size: In my student house it's a light brown, broken, double that's very uncomfortable :'( In my home house I have a beautiful, wooden, almost double, that's painted white and it's the comfiest place in the world!

Chore you Hate: Taking out the rubbish bins. And emptying the dishwasher. And hoovering.

Dogs: Love the little bulldog puppies, or black labs, so cute!

Essential start of your day: Water. 

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Gold or Silver: White gold or Platinum. 

Height: 5"8

Instruments I play: I am Grade 1 Clarinet, but really not musical haha. 

Job Title: Full Time Student. Part Time trainee manager and Crew Trainer at the Golden Arches.

Kids: In the future :-)

Live: Devon, Somerset and County Durham.

Mum's name: Kay 

Nickname: Lou, Weez.

Pet Peeve: When people don't pay you back. Or when they make you wait. 

Quote from a movie: When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true...

Right or left handed: Righty.

Siblings: Little brother, James, who's currently at uni in Cheltenham. Bless him.

Time you wake up: Somewhere between 7am and 10am.

Underwear: Boux Avenue always. Ann Summers too, if I'm feeling saucy :P

Vegetables you dislike: Everything!! Don't eat veg. Shame on me.

What makes you run late: Other people. I am ridicously punctual.

X-rays you've had done: Teeth, wrist, appendix area.

Yummy food you make: Cake. And Caesar salad. I hate cooking. 

Zoo animal: Rabbits! Love the fluffy bunnies. And Butterflies too. 

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