Walt Disney World CRP 15/16

If you're interested in my blog posts about my journey to becoming a CRP participant from October 2015 then I will group them all here for ease and convenience, and it will give you a sneak peek into Disney posts I am working on too. Just click on the links below and you'll be taken right there...magic!
  1. I Got A Job At Walt Disney World!
  2. How To Apply: Stage One - The Online Application
  3. How To Apply: Stage Two - The Pre-Screen Interview
  4. How To Apply: Stage Three - The Face-To-Face Interview
  5. 6 Months To Go - Checklist
  6. Flight and Insurance 
  7. What Costs Are Involved?
  8. Selecting Disney Housing
  9. Sephora WishList
  10. Disney Bucket List
  11. Emotions of Packing Up Your Life For 12 Months
  12. Disney Packing Haul 
  13. Planning A Leaving Party

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