In the Clown's Clutch

I must apologise in advance for a lack of posting in the next few days, leading on in to next week. Maccys has me in its grasp...9 days, a fair few hours -  means a lot of burgers to make and serve. Although this is not my chosen profession, this giant company has looked after me for a year and a half. It's not the best job in the world, I often get 3 hours in, come back off my break and dread the thought of remaining at work for the next 4/5 hours but to be honest at the end of the day, this job pays my bills. It funds the lifestyle I chose to lead, it allows me the extra cash flow for me to purchase the things I want and I really don't know what I'd do without it.

People think that because you work in food, you're dumb. But I love the looks on people's faces when you know you're right and they say 'err, are you stupid of what?' and I reply, as ever in my professional manner, 'actually, I have both GCSEs and A Levels, I attend the 3rd best university in the UK and am only here to do my job to the best of my ability'. Just because we serve you 'stodge', doesn't mean we're second rate people.

Next time you're in Maccys, spare a thought for us, your crew, who serve and cook for you. I'm not asking for sympathy, no-one sends me to work everyday, I take myself willingly, but just like you, we're going thought hardships too. And for anyone who's unemployed, I always say don't snub the clown. Once you're in, you're in and he'll look after you. And he's always hiring :)


Mini Haul!

Mini haul today in town. I went to get my weekly bus pass and came back with two scarves (New Look & Miss Selfridge), an eyeshadow palette (NYX, pictured above), a necklace (New Look, pictured above), a bracelet (Miss Selfridge), three pairs of earrings, three pairs of knickers, a silky top and some food for dinner!

1) The eyeshadow palette was a quirky find. It was £5.95 reduced from £10 and is tailored specifically for blue eyes, and being a girl with blue eyes I thought this was brilliant. I have never seen any palettes tailored  to specific eye colours before and while I know that gold shadows and liners work well with blue eyes I am interested to try out the other colours! All NYX in British Home Stores (BHS) is 50% off at the moment too.

2) How cute is Accessorize? Enclosed in this little package are a pair of butterfly earrings but I just cannot bring myself to break in yet! I just love everything in Accessorize and with 10% off for students what more can a girl want when sourcing perfect jewellery pieces for her collection? They have a gorgeous collection of scarves and underwear in there at the moment too. I picked up three pairs of knickers, having never bought any Accessorize underwear before and they're very cute, girly and gorgeous - what's not to love!

3) Here I am showcasing the necklace I bought in New Look today which went with one of the two scarves I picked up, again shown above and also from New look. The necklace is £3.99 and the scarf £2.99, more bargain accessories that just compliment and make an outfit! I am loving the brown animal print at the moment too, a popular trend but not too fierce for a girl who prefers pink!

Disney 2012

I am too excited already and I have 354 days to go until I land in Florida, but look what the post lady just brought me!! This is a useful guidebook in that it contains feedback from a variety of guests' experiences, and it caters to all types of holiday makers, whether you're travelling with little children, or going as adults. J and I will be 21 by the time we go, which works out quite nicely because I am sure we'll want to experience some Florida nightlife! I would like to take a trip to all of the places on the Disney property that we didn't manage to get to when I went when I was 15, like Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's Boardwalk, or properly explore Downtown Disney. There's just so much to do - I can't wait :)


Sleepy Sunday with Clippy and GlossyBox

I am in the middle of one of those days where I just don't want to get up out of bed. I mean, I've been awake for hours and have got up several times yet I can't seem to stay up. I just had a bath, put on clean pyjamas and ended up back in bed! Oh the life of a worker, such a wonder to have a day off.

In other news, I received many a parcel from my little spree online. I was awaiting 6 packages in total, and all but one of them have arrived in time for me to play with my goodies on my day off.

First up, I received my Clippy Bag! I was upset to see that I hadn't received a 'sorry we missed you' type of calling card on my doormat but it turns out my kind housemate collected up my packages and put them outside my room, it was like Christmas had come early! Anyway, I was so happy with the Clippy customer service because they recognised that I had placed two orders in succession and sent them in the same parcel, well done them. For the next few hours I cut out and created and filled up my twelve pockets on my bag. I was so excited I forgot to eat dinner and ended up going straight to bed, oops. I love that you can constantly update your pockets - now I can't wait to use my bag! Left - The front of the bag, adorned with fabric, ribbons, pictures, and photographs. Right - The bag of the bag, again I chose to include some photographs, fabric, ribbons and of course my most favourite Disney character - besides Cinderella and Belle of course!

 Another parcel was my September Glossy Box. It was my first box and despite all the hype and the frustration that this month they apparently sent sample sachets to everyone but the popular bloggers, I was ecstatic to receive two full sized products in my box. I have yet to use the Neal & Wolf shine spray, the Dead Sea Magik salt Scrub, the HD brows kit in bombshell, or the nighttime anti wrinkle/blemish cream but I know I'll be beautifying and sampling very soon! I really didn't like the smell of the perfume sample they sent, something called 'Plum' so I'll be giving that away.

I love the concept of GlossyBox, so much so that I have ended up signing up for Boudoir Prive and FeelUnique.com's BeautyBox too. I know this means I'll be spending around £33 on beauty products every month, and that seems a lot, but I plan to stop one eventually. It all depends which suits me the most. I would usually spend quite a bit on beauty products every month anyway because it's something I love to buy so for me these are, currently, alongside Boux Avenue, my favourite companies on the planet. 
I have yet to receive my Boudoir Prive box, they say they are finalising everything, but I am having a few issues with them regarding payment. The card that I signed up with was stolen and a replacement sent in its place. This means I have attempted to cancel my subscription and they say they'll still include me in the September mailing list so fingers crossed I can show you what's in that box when I receive it! The FeelUnique box doesn't start for me until October. 

I have yet to receive my Boudoir Prive box, they say they are finalising everything, but I am having a few issues with them regarding payment. The card that I signed up with was stolen and a replacement sent in its place. This means I have attempted to cancel my subscription and they say they'll still include me in the September mailing list so fingers crossed I can show you what's in that box when I receive it! The FeelUnique box doesn't start for me until October.

So until I receive another fantastic box from my other two companies, I shall enjoy the GlossyBox products immensely! Definite long term subscriber! 



This will be self righteous post, purely because I've had one of those 'all-about-me' days where I treat myself to things, like getting my hair done, nails painted, make-up sessions that kind of thing.

First of all, I have new hair, which cost me £40 from Toni&Guy. This is just for a wash cut and finish, it took just under an hour and I am very happy with it. I had to wander around town for 3 hours while I waited for my appointment and ended up lunching in Costa with two trashy magazines!

Secondly, I went to the Benefit counter in my local Boots to try 'They're Real' their new mascara which claims to be a complete lash overhaul by making you look fabulous and 'fake' so that only you know they're real - hence the name. I have to say I was impressed, it's the same kind of build up and volume that I receive from my normal mascaras (I say mascaras plural because I just two-four different brands in one session) only it's one mascara not loads. For £18.50 it's a little pricey for your eyelashes, but I think I'll probably end up purchasing it anyway!

 Thirdly, my Boux Avenue order finally arrived! I was so excited when I saw the courier van parked outside my window. Joseph rang me at 7:30 to say hello and woke me up. Consequently I ended up staying awake from then onwards and went down to get my breakfast. I saw a courier van passing down the road and I thought then and there that this was it, it was here, but no :(

I am kind of impatient when it comes to internet ordering, I love the ordering process, but not that it seems to take an age to arrive, even though it actually only takes a day or two. I mean Boux Avenue took all of one day to process and arrive but it still felt like an age! And lucky me, on my spending spree yesterday I know that I am awaiting packages x 2 from Clippy London, Amazon x 2 and a Glossybox! So very exciting!

 Anyway, allow me to offer my two cents about this company. I was a little disappointed that the bra I ordered in my size was too small around the bust to be worn entirely comfortably. I can get it on, I can do the hooks up but I know it's tight. It's such a beautiful bra, the one pictured right on the top of the box in the last picture below, but I know that I will be able to fit into it! On the contrary, the knickers I received were perfect fits. I got a matching pair to go with the bra and a purple pair just because I liked them and they ended up being free in the 3 for 2 sale offer.

 The other thing I loved about the ordering experience I have had with this company is that their attention to detail is spot on. As you can see from my little sequence of pictures, even the outer brown box is excited, then once you peel off the packing tape inside you find another little box with the gorgeous logo stickers holding the lid in place. Peel them off on both side and remove the lid and it's like all of your Christmases and Birthdays in one, tissue paper, stickers, petals, clean fresh smell and of course those gorgeous pieces of lingerie you chose online. It's a happy day present to me. You can, of course, choose not to have the gift wrapping service, save some trees and feel all good etc, but I think it makes it that little bit more special, more exciting, and it certainly makes me what to continue to purchase their products in the future. A happy new relationship has formed, of course it will be much happier when I can fit properly into my bra!
Do I dye my hair properly and embrace my inner gingerness? Or do I simply wait and decide what to do? Decisions decisions!


Wedding Belles

Having watched the two latest episodes of BBC 3's 'Don't Tell The Bride', I have, for the first time in my life seriously thought about the kind of wedding day I would want. This is, as yet, a long way off, but ever organised I couldn't help but sneak a peek into the wonderful world of wedding dresses as inspired by the groom's attempting to choose the bridal wear of their fiancé's on the show.

I have already made the conscious decision to hire my gown. I say gown because I want it to be one of those dresses that only a sensible woman hiring it would ever choose, something show stopping, big, pretty, and of course with the ever present hint of sparkle. Now, why have I decided to hire? Simply because I cannot understand why some brides will spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on a stunning dress to only wear it on one day and to then have to box it up in the attic because they cannot fit it in the wardrobe amongst their regular clothes. I want the kind of dress that will make me feel fabulous, sexy, sophisticated and of course I want to be the centre of attention - in a good way of course, it's not just my day, it's his too. And for this, I want it to be big and princessy.

Alfred Angelo, while not a household name, is a designer of high regard and fabulousness. He designs some of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen (as I have come across on the internet) and none more so that the 'Disney Bridal' collection. As a complete Disney freak I still haven't let go of the Cinderella ending where I will live happily ever after with my Prince Charming. Not only is Cinderella the ultimate princess, but Angelo's Cinderella gown is, in my opinion the most stunning of the whole collection (See left). It embodies everything I love and I can just imagine myself adorned by a sparkling Swarovski tiara, sashaying down the aisle of my fabulous country manor hotel to marry my man. I'd have my hair up, with some bits lightly curled at the front, wear flat satin shoes, light bronzed and golden make up, fluttery long eyelashes and minimal lip colour.

I'd take my vows, slip on a platinum or white gold wedding band and stride arm in arm with my husband out for a champagne and strawberries reception. We'd follow the ceremony with a lunch, surrounded by family and friends. I'd reconnect with those I'd lost friendship with, my school chums, people from living abroad etc and then shimmer into the night to dance and drink merrily away at the beginning of a new life.

I'd like a practical wedding, a grand affair but not too big. Cupcakes, lights, and draping. And of course the dress, oh that dress. Isn't it gorgeous? Every girl deserves to be a princess, I want my time to sparkle.
I'm not going to lie, I ended up having a mini spree in ooh, only two shops in the city today. While I went down and actually bought two things off my actual shopping list, a specific lip colour and a bag of salad, I also ended up returning to my boudoir with a pillow, some canvas art, a memo board, another lipstick, golden eyeshadow, a pair of brown boots, a make-up bag, bath foam, shower milk, tissues up the ying yang, and a pair of cute patent black shoes.

And I still deny I don't have a shopping addiction!

Clippy Bags London

 I am so very excited to be receiving my first ever custom style anything! Clippy London is a niche brand of accessories that includes handbags, beach bags, tote bags, wash bags, pencil cases and even bits of stationary like exercise covers for notebooks and the like. The concept is simple, highly creative and an absolute must have for a bag freak like me! This gorgeous pink number on the right is the exact style of bag I have ordered (Note: this is not my bag, this is the image from Clippy London's website), I chose a fabulous pink trim colour - I really hope it comes with that gorgeous cute pink bow too! The idea is thus, each bag comes with a number of empty plastic pockets, my bag for example has 6 pockets on each side, and the bag's recipient can fill each pocket with something they want to have on their bag, be it a clothing tag, a photograph, ticket, postcard, stickers - anything really! And then once you've filled up all of your pockets you have a completely fabulous custom bag that is totally unique to you! Furthermore, Clippy London sell little sticker and fabric kits (as below, this is the one I ordered with mine) which you can use to fill up your pockets too. Completely creative, completely up to you, how fabulous!

I have decided, as the bag is predominantly made out of plastic, that it will be a good little bag to take around Disney when I eventually get there as it'll be splash proof and yet big enough to carry essentials. The pink makes it girly enough, yet also so chic and stylish, I cannot wait to get customising!

Available at: www.clippykitlondon.co.uk
Prices vary, my order for the above bag and sticker kit came to £25 including postage. Order before 1pm and they try and have it to you next day. UK standard postage is £3, but they also ship world wide!

I'll do a post when I receive my bag and customise it so you can see what it looks like. What do you guys think?

Today I'm Wearing...

Cardigan: New Look
Top: Primark
Skirt (not pictured): Topshop
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Ring: Argos

Thought I'd jump on trend in more ways than one. Here I am today, doing an outfit post because I have a rare day off (!) and I'm wearing a big knitted cardigan with bat wing style sleeves. I haven't done my face yet hence you've got a body shot. I think I will be going into the city for a mini spree, shakes, lipstick and tissues being the excitement in store for my purchasing today. 

On another note, inspired by my Boux Avenue spend last night, I hit up the Asos sale and managed to get a gorgeous dress for £20 rather than £35 :) Equally exciting is the fact that I have the Barry M foil polished on their way to me too, alongside a little Amazon box containing The Hills Season 6 to complete my collection, and a Disneyworld Guide 2012 -- 359 days until Florida!! 


Beautiful Lingerie, Boux Avenue

Ahh I am so excited about my latest online product purchase from Boux Avenue. It's an online store I heard about through another fabulous blog and the reviewer had purchased twice, and was highly satisfied. Having never tried this brand of lingerie before I was keen to look in the sale for a pretty bargain set and low and behold, they're also offering 3 for 2 on the sale items. And, to my luck, they also had all of the items I wanted in my size!

I'm a sucker for pretty underwear sets and wherever possible I like to wear matching, because, as they say about shaving your legs, you never know what might happen to you in a day and you want to be looking your best!

As you can see I got an absolute bargain order, free pair of knickers, £14 off the original price of the bra, and a saving of £9 on the other knickers. I also feel that £3 for standard delivery is quite a good price, although paying for delivery does annoy me, there isn't a Boux Avenue store near me so I cannot visit *sad face*.

In my current weight state I feel that I do not deserve such pretty undies, but as my boyfriend will be visiting me in a mere 15 days I thought I'd buy up a new set to make me feel good, and for him to enjoy too!

I shall have to see how this fits, and hopefully it'll be the start of a lovely lingerie relationship. I signed up as a VIP member too, so hopefully that will reap in some rewards!

New this week -->

I went to Ikea yesterday for the first time in three or four years and came out with a few goodies, and only around £10 lighter! The three little tubs are so useful for keeping jewellery tucked away, as well as being long enough to fit in eyeliner pencils, mascara tubes and other make-up pieces. They retail at £1.69 for 3 (and they're stackable). The two candles smell like vanilla ice-cream and red berries, so yummy at £1.29 each. They're also long lasting, I have burnt a little of the berry one down already and it gives off a scrummy room scent. (Just don't leave candles unattended or in a draughty room!) My mirror is so cute for a £4.29 price, with 10% off and a further discount with an Ikea Family Card. I love the beading around the edge!

 I had been wanting a cute black handbag that is stylish yet also durable for everyday usage be it to work or to lectures. This one is a boho type slouchy bag, retailing at £35 but I for £10 off in the Miss Selfridge concession of my local BHS. Get on down!
In fact there are lots of lovely Autumn/Winter clothes that have just come out in Miss Selfridge that if I can shed some lbs, and save some £££ then I will definitely be purchasing some big knitwear, scarves and fabulous jewellery. Whilst my major love is bags, I am partial to the odd pair of shoes too and each winter will always rock a lovely pair of brown boots. I have yet to source them for this winter so I'll perhaps have to venture to Miss Selfridge and see what they can offer.
And who doesn't love Mean Girls? Granted this film is the sequel to the highly popular teen chick flick but I had to watch it all the same. It doesn't live up to the original because it tries to be the original film, what with a different story line and different scenarios. It does however borrow some of the well known icons from the first film, the 'Plastics' are back, as is 'Principal Duvall' and there are a few laughs in it, but to be honest, like the curse of most sequels, it isn't all that spectacular. The first film was so quotable, I think that sells it in itself!


I thought I'd begin my new blog with a mini introduction to the kind of girl I am.
^^ This is me being ditzy me on my 20th Birthday. Every girl should wear her crown :) ^^
Hello, my name is Louise. I have an obsession with working hard to earn money, and feel that the sense of satisfaction I earn with each payslip is much more than the money itself most of the time. I'm a spender, not a saver, which, on occasion, has had its problems. But don't think I am wasteful, I love to purchase things I know I will grow to love, love on first sight, or that will help better me as a person.

You see, I am the kind of girl who constantly strives to achieve her own kind of perfection. Call it what you will, but I find myself dreaming up big plans for the image I want to present people with about myself and it is the material things in life which help me to formulate those dreams for real. I will write endless 'wish' and 'want' lists only to forget to take them shopping. But for all the wanting and wishing I do there is a life inside of me shaping me into the woman I want to become. I have had my fare share of difficulties in my 20 years, none more so than with the struggle to accept who I am for what I am. I compare, I yearn, I wish to be something I believe I can be, and I know I will get there one day.

So, until I realise that all along the haters were nothing but whispers in amongst a crowd of loud well-wishers, join me for my little musings and my journey into my 20s.