Wedding Belles

Having watched the two latest episodes of BBC 3's 'Don't Tell The Bride', I have, for the first time in my life seriously thought about the kind of wedding day I would want. This is, as yet, a long way off, but ever organised I couldn't help but sneak a peek into the wonderful world of wedding dresses as inspired by the groom's attempting to choose the bridal wear of their fiancé's on the show.

I have already made the conscious decision to hire my gown. I say gown because I want it to be one of those dresses that only a sensible woman hiring it would ever choose, something show stopping, big, pretty, and of course with the ever present hint of sparkle. Now, why have I decided to hire? Simply because I cannot understand why some brides will spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on a stunning dress to only wear it on one day and to then have to box it up in the attic because they cannot fit it in the wardrobe amongst their regular clothes. I want the kind of dress that will make me feel fabulous, sexy, sophisticated and of course I want to be the centre of attention - in a good way of course, it's not just my day, it's his too. And for this, I want it to be big and princessy.

Alfred Angelo, while not a household name, is a designer of high regard and fabulousness. He designs some of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen (as I have come across on the internet) and none more so that the 'Disney Bridal' collection. As a complete Disney freak I still haven't let go of the Cinderella ending where I will live happily ever after with my Prince Charming. Not only is Cinderella the ultimate princess, but Angelo's Cinderella gown is, in my opinion the most stunning of the whole collection (See left). It embodies everything I love and I can just imagine myself adorned by a sparkling Swarovski tiara, sashaying down the aisle of my fabulous country manor hotel to marry my man. I'd have my hair up, with some bits lightly curled at the front, wear flat satin shoes, light bronzed and golden make up, fluttery long eyelashes and minimal lip colour.

I'd take my vows, slip on a platinum or white gold wedding band and stride arm in arm with my husband out for a champagne and strawberries reception. We'd follow the ceremony with a lunch, surrounded by family and friends. I'd reconnect with those I'd lost friendship with, my school chums, people from living abroad etc and then shimmer into the night to dance and drink merrily away at the beginning of a new life.

I'd like a practical wedding, a grand affair but not too big. Cupcakes, lights, and draping. And of course the dress, oh that dress. Isn't it gorgeous? Every girl deserves to be a princess, I want my time to sparkle.

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