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 I am so very excited to be receiving my first ever custom style anything! Clippy London is a niche brand of accessories that includes handbags, beach bags, tote bags, wash bags, pencil cases and even bits of stationary like exercise covers for notebooks and the like. The concept is simple, highly creative and an absolute must have for a bag freak like me! This gorgeous pink number on the right is the exact style of bag I have ordered (Note: this is not my bag, this is the image from Clippy London's website), I chose a fabulous pink trim colour - I really hope it comes with that gorgeous cute pink bow too! The idea is thus, each bag comes with a number of empty plastic pockets, my bag for example has 6 pockets on each side, and the bag's recipient can fill each pocket with something they want to have on their bag, be it a clothing tag, a photograph, ticket, postcard, stickers - anything really! And then once you've filled up all of your pockets you have a completely fabulous custom bag that is totally unique to you! Furthermore, Clippy London sell little sticker and fabric kits (as below, this is the one I ordered with mine) which you can use to fill up your pockets too. Completely creative, completely up to you, how fabulous!

I have decided, as the bag is predominantly made out of plastic, that it will be a good little bag to take around Disney when I eventually get there as it'll be splash proof and yet big enough to carry essentials. The pink makes it girly enough, yet also so chic and stylish, I cannot wait to get customising!

Available at: www.clippykitlondon.co.uk
Prices vary, my order for the above bag and sticker kit came to £25 including postage. Order before 1pm and they try and have it to you next day. UK standard postage is £3, but they also ship world wide!

I'll do a post when I receive my bag and customise it so you can see what it looks like. What do you guys think?

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