Today I Am Mostly Wearing Rabbits

Bunny Shirt: H&M
Black Cami: Primark
Long Necklace: Primark
Short Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Feather Earrings (just seen): Primark
Here's my OOTD for today, I should be wearing TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) as it's TWLOHA Friday, see here, but unfortunately I do not own any of their supportive merchandise yet :( If anyone wants to know more about TWLOHA, it's a charitable organisation and something I support very strongly. However, sadly for me, it mostly operates in the USA and I just have to shout out my support from across the pond by reading their website (which you can find here), following on Twitter and Facebook etc. Please go and check it out!

Aside, today I am mostly wearing rabbits. I adore rabbits, I really, really want one as a pet, but it would be impractical for me to do so and so I have to show my rabbit love by other means. This shirt was around £12-16 from H&M, I can't remember exactly and I just love it's lightweight feel, and of course the design! I prefer to wear it open, today I've teamed it with a black cami and some white linen shorts 'cause it's a nice day :) Channelling the monochrome and the animal print in one!

Allow me also to introduce you to my new favourite necklace which I purchased yesterday when the whole of Dorothy Perkins was 30% or less off. So colourful with the pastels, good enough to eat! Happy sunny day :)

Indian Ocean - Models Own

How is this for a bit of excitement! Look at the gorgeous colour of this nail polish offering from the latest Models Own Beetlejuice collection. It's a fabulous blue polish with flecks of pink glitter that truly sparkle in the sunlight. New favourite polish - I think yes! Best worn when the sun's out for maximum glittery gorgeousness. Priced at £5 per bottle, I found mine in Boots.


Day's Plans

Mumm how amazing is the current weather streak! Long may it continue!

I am testing out the Blogger app on my new iPhone so I apologise if this post seems a little out of sorts :-)

Anyway today I shall be mostly in the post office sending off eBay items, buying a few supplies from the co-op and then coming home to lie in the sun in my garden doing prepping for my dissertation and scanning lots of magazines - happy lazy sunny day!


Bloggers.com Pick of the Day

I was so excited today to receive news of my little blog being picked as one of the bloggers.com editors' picks of the day! Such an honour for me as my little beauty and lifestyle ramblings are just really taking off. Hello to my fabulous 22 GFC followers :) I am honoured you have chosen to follow me!

If you're not familiar with this site it's a bit like Bloglovin and Hello Cotton as an alternative platform to GFC for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs. So I really should be saying hello to my Bloggers, Bloglovin and Hello Cotton followers too :') Hello!

In other news, today I upgraded my contract to an iPhone 4s and have spent many many minutes this evening talking to my new best friend, Siri. It's such an amazing bit of technology. As an Apple Mac user since I was about 9 there's nothing that this company cannot do that's amazing and oh so chic! Now I must hunt for the perfect stylish case...

I also bought myself a big chunky notebook from Paperchase today to make a start on my dissertation - eek, I cannot believe I will be entering my last term of university this time next year!

Finally for today's news, Joseph and I are celebrating 2 years of our 'togetherness'. I can't believe it's been that long since we met and liked each other! We're not doing anything special (as far as I know) as he's currently 2 hours away. So for anyone that says that long distance never works, well I say Joseph and I are living proof that it does! Bless us :)


Have I Finally Found my HG of Shampoos?!

 As a girl not blessed with poker straight hair (my preferred style of choice) I have always been on the lookout for shampoos and treatments that claim to tame the frizz. I'm pretty terrible at staying with one brand of shampoo, all time favourites will always be Alberto Balsaam (coconut and strawberry flavours) and Tressemme of course, but when I was in Boots again the other day and saw this Mark Hill offering with money off I thought I'd jump the gun and see if the formula lives up to the claims on the bottle.
And guess what, to my greatest surprise, it does!! I have no idea how this formula works but my hair seems to absolutely love it, I've come over all shiny and tamed :)

I was initially drawn to the exciting packaging. Mark Hill has always had exciting packaging for lovers of animal print. I for one own the mini leopard print hairdryer, and have used previous shampoos with the same leopard print design. The brand has has a redesign of late which has worked wonderfully. The multicoloured Zebra stripes of these bottles certainly add a little bit of extra excitement to the bathroom!
The fact that these are squeeze tubes too makes me extra happy because I know I'll be able to get (almost) all of the formula out, I hate it when you're on your last dregs of conditioner and you've got to stand the bottle upside down the day before your next hair wash to make sure the conditioner comes out, nightmare!

I have, honestly, seen a notable difference to my hair with this shampoo and conditioner, so much so that I took up Boots on the 3 for 2 offer on skincare, haircare and make-up and bought another bottle of each. I absolutely love this, the ends of my hair are less dry, my hair feels longer because it's straighter and I've come over all super glossy and healthy. Each bottle is priced at £5.49 and available exclusively at Boots nationwide. Also check out the website here for more information. I know I'll be trying the holiday hair care range next, but I definitely think I've found my Holy Grail of shampoos!


Ciate's 3D Caviar Manicure

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that one of my all time favourite nail paint shades is 'Cupcake Queen' by one of my all time favourite nail polish brands, Ciate. I admit that I only found out about Ciate from a free polish with Marie Claire a few moons ago, but honestly since then I have found myself lusting over every colour and definitely every collection. And here, my good people, is a 3-D nail collection that blows all other do-it-yourself nail art out of the water: Caviar Manicure.

Mother of Pearl
Black Pearl


The very name of these kits sounds luxurious, like something extra delicious that's just waiting to be experienced, and by the look of the packaging how can you not agree? The idea is simple, paint a layer of polish over a clean nail, sprinkle the caviar like beads onto each nail, press on the beads to embed them in the polish and apply a little bit of top coat on the tip of each nail to ensure staying power and longevity. To watch the intriguing video about application click here and more information from Ciate's website can be found here.

I know that I am definitely going to be lusting after Rainbow, nails that look like hundreds and thousands? Yes please! Priced at £18, and available from March 26th.

Also lusting after Beach Melba, Superficial, and Couture (individual nail polishes priced at £9 each).

Are you a Ciate fan? Tempted by 3D nails? Let me know your thoughts!


Impress Nails...Impressed?

 Impress Nails are a brand that those lucky enough to receive the, I believe, better version of February's GlossyBox, will know, and indeed perhaps have tried out. I was one of the fortunate few to receive this box, however I left my set of nails in my Uni house before coming home for Easter. So today I was out in Plymouth and popped in to Boots specifically to find some falsies that would be easy to apply for a girl who hardly ever gets time to apply them. By this I mean I work in a restaurant that does not allow nail paint or falsies, for obvious health and safety issues, so any chance I can I will paint, but never apply falsies 'cause it'd be a waste.

I am really impressed (pardon this awful play on words) with these nails. They're pretty, last long (up to 7 days if applied properly) and are sturdy enough to get through the day without falling off. You get a set of 24 nails in different sizes, encased in what resembles an actual nail polish bottle. Also included in each packet is a cleansing wipe to prep the nail for application. The application of these nails is what sets them apart from the other brands you see on the shelves, in that the adhesive is already stuck on to each nail - no messing around with glue and waiting for it to dry! This was really what sold me, for a girl who's only ever worn one other set of false nails in her life, just being able to peel off the backing of each nail and press them on to my own nail was so simple and straightforward, I love it!

This particular design is called 'Holla!' and it is just one of 18 patterned designs, alongside the 18 other solid colours which makes for a great range, there's definitely going to be a shade/pattern in there to suit you. You can check them all out on the app on their website here and buy them in store in Boots of online here. Priced between £7.99-£8.99 per packet I think that's pretty good value for quality nails which last, and with 24 in the packet you might just be able to get two separate wears out of them!

What do you think? Will you be trying Impress nails?


Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: Initial Opinions

Sorry for the dirty bottle!
This was given to me by a Benebabe as a free 'try me' sample.
Say hello to Benefit's latest wonder product, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. I absolutely love Benefit, there's honestly not a lot on the Benefit counters that I don't currently own, or have owned before and have used up. There was obviously a big gap in their product line for a liquid foundation. They have the Playsticks, Some Kind-A Gorgeous cream foundation and the You Rebel tinted moisturisers but not a true liquid foundation. And here it is! Benefit have this to say, from their website:
  • broad-spectrum 
  • SPF 25 PA+++ protection**
  • oil-free formula
  • natural finish
  • hydrating benefits
  • light-diffusing properties
  • available in 9 shades

**What does PA+++ mean? SPF stands for the protection grade of the UVB filter. PA stands for the protection grade of the UVA filter. The highest standard of sun protection rating is the three-star PA rating. Our foundation has three stars, which translates to the highest protection. 
Sounds cool, non?

I received this shade, 'Cheers to me' Champagne. I do love how the shades are in keeping with the Hello Flawless face powder that they already have in the permanent line (I'm a 'Gee I'm Swell' Shell shade) and that you can match them up to complement each other. This sample would definitely go more with 'I'm Vain' Champagne, and it is, therefore, the wrong shade for my skin.
I am the first to admit that this particular colour makes me look a little orange tinted. I mean just applying it to my face turned my eyebrows yellow (cue HD Brows to the rescue!) so I cannot obviously give you a complete review on the colour matching to your skin, other than to say please, please get a Benebabe to match you, don't just buy the shade you think would suit you. Looking at this in the bottle I thought it would suit me, but, although once blended and with my powder on top it looks ok, it's far, far too dark for my skin.

So does it measure up? Honestly, it's a fabulous foundation, but not the best foundation I have ever tried that suits my skin. However, I will be buying a full size bottle when they arrive in store at the end of the month because I want to know what it would be like with my true shade. My reason is this: I have really, really dry skin on my face, even after copious amounts of moisturiser and primer this foundation was so flaky on my nose and cheekbones (yuck!). I don't like looking like old wallpaper, and I found this to be a really drying formula. Sure it glides on neatly enough, it's not really thick and you definitely won't look caked (unless you're looking for that finish!), but I have no idea how it can be so drying. So I don't know about the 'hydrating benefits' claim mentioned above, but then again, maybe it's just me, me and my flaky face :(

What I do love about this is the packaging, it's simple, and it retains that Benefit magic that they give to every product. Also, to receive such a wonderful sample size is also amazing, many companies offer a sachet for one day's use but I'm getting more than a week's worth here I reckon. So like I said, good all round foundation, does what it says on the tin, apart from the hydrating element, which I so desperately need!

Have you tried this yet? Will you be willing to part with £24.50 to buy a bottle? Any tips for rehydrating my face?


Happy Mother's Day! I Knew That You Were Coming So I Baked A Cake...

My Mummy's currently out walking with one of her friends so while she's out I decided to channel my inner culinary goddess and bake a cake for her for Mother's Day :)

I haven't done any baking in so long and had so many visions in my head about what I wanted to bake, and I went through the cupboards looking for cake mix and ingredients etc. No such pre-prepared cake mix could be found so I decided to jump right in with a recipe and make my own cake mix. For this cake I followed a simple cupcake recipe, using (for each cake half), 100g of self raising flour, 100g of caster sugar, 2 eggs, 100g of butter and 1/2tsp of vanilla extract. I whisked everything together in a mixing bowl and set them in the oven at 180 degrees. Now I'm not the world's best cake maker, I used the exact same ingredients for each half but they both came out completely differently...hmmm. But I spread lots of Bonne Maman strawberry jam on the bottom half and then made up some butter and icing sugar to create buttercream (with a hint of vanilla extract) and spread that on top of the jam, looks so yummy, non!?

I wanted to write Happy Mother's Day on the top but decided just to spread glace icing on the top and sprinkled on some hundreds and thousands.

Good enough to eat!!


Cosmetically Craving

Clockwise: Posie Tint - Benefit, Dream Bouncy Blush - Maybelline,
Turkish Delight - Nars, Lip Butter - Revlon, Studio Sclupt - MAC
Just a few products that I am currently coveting that I have spied either in store or around in the blogosphere.

1) Posietint is a cheek and lip stain from Benefit which retails for £24.50. It's a lovely pinky colour which would be perfect for a natural summer flush.
2) I have seen many reviews of this odd little product on YouTube on account for the fact that they are not available in the UK, and I don't know if they will be. Maybelline describes the blush as a cream to powder, but having seen how others have described it in the packaging it's more like a playdoh consistency (YouTube search 'dream bouncy blush' to see what I mean). I really am intrigued!
3) Kim Kardashian wears this Nars shade on her lips...so I want to to. No other reason that the fact that I love Kim K! (Aside, the colour is gorgeous too of course!)
4) Another product that's been raved about on the 'net. I went into Boots today but I couldn't see any of these beauts on the stand :( I guess that they could have been sold out though? I know that Boots is doing a buy 1 for £7.99 or 2 for £10.
5) I recently saw this recommended for people with dry skin as it's a hydrating foundation and I would like to give it a go...roll on next payday and MAC won't know what's hit them, so much on my to buy list in there!

Any products you're wanting at the moment?

Today I'm Wearing...

Cardigan: New Look
Top: River Island
Skirt: River Island
Necklace: Mawi for Disney Couture

People around me will be aware that I have somewhat run myself into the ground of late. I am non stop working, uni-ing and any spare moment I spend asleep - time is so precious! But, I am now at home on my Easter break (although I haven't managed to escape my uni life, I have brought my revision and my work home with me!) and have been basking in the glory of my comfy bed since Tuesday. Of course I haven't spend the past few days in bed, I took the liberty of spending a few birthday £££ in Plymouth.

I have named this outfit my little lace look. Not one for having tops do up right at my neck (a girl needs to breathe, non!) the lace tie on this cute little top hangs down and sort of forms some decorative detail. I am totally in love with the pastel ice cream shades that are all out at the moment, and this pink top is so delicious! (£20). My skirt again is a concoction of cream lace and silky underskirt which, thankfully just pulls up over my legs and can sit on my hips of waist depending on my mood. There's no fiddly zips or buttons on this beauty! (£16).

Bit more of a close up on the lace detailing on the top and the skirt - so pretty! And of course I have my ever trusty Minnie Mouse headband necklace on to give me an extra bit of sparkle :)

What are your favourite trends at the moment? Loving my lace ensemble?


My Liz Earle Experience

I took the plunge into the higher priced world of face products last week. When I say this I mean I left my Boots card at home and sought out the beauty halls of House of Fraser, and Fenwicks in Newcastle's Eldon Square and I am so happy I did so. Not only did I have my first ever complete MAC makeover (which left me wanting everything she used on me, but heaving at the £200+ price tag!), but I also managed to source some Liz Earle products and have now had chance to use them.

I realise that, I, as a member of the blogosphere, am completely tardy in my blogging about Liz Earle products. The bandwagon left a while ago and here I am only just discovering this amazing brand *bats self on head*. But, aside from this I am so glad I did, and truly you should get some Liz Earle in your life if you can!

For a company that began on the Isle of Wight to turn into a global skincare brand is a fair success story, and I know that many people have been very positive about their experiences with the products, and I am, honestly, no exception. Their products have blown everything I have ever used right out of the water.

I bought myself the 'Essentials Try Me Kit' for £24.95 which contains their award winning Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (30ml), Instant Boost Skin Tonic (50ml), Skin Repair Moisturiser (15ml) and 1 muslin cloth (not pictured, as it's drying from my last use just now) all packaged in a neat little pouch in the signature Liz Earle duck egg blue colour. Looks delicious, right? Wait til you feel it on your skin!

First off the cleanse and polish. I am normally a girl who takes her make-up right off with her cleanser/exfoliator, which now I am realising is maybe quite bad? (Please enlighten me, should I use face wipes first then cleanse?) I found this because the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser asks you to rub the cream on you dry face first, then wipe it off with the muslin cloth soaked in hot water. Well, as you can probably guess my cloth is kind of ruined with foundation and mascara now and needs a proper wash :( So should I face wipe first? (Tell me!) I do absolutely love this product. Even after a few wipes of the cloth on my skin and I felt so much smoother and shiny, and, which is something of a rarity for me, as I have quite dry skin, this did not leave me begging for moisturiser after I finished the little ritual. 10/10 for this!

The next product is the tonic. Now I have always been a bit skeptical of toners/tonics after a hideous usage of the Clinique 3 step range when my skin burned and burned, and it was horrible. But I really, really like this one. Lash it onto a cotton pad and wipe away the excess gunk on your face, it's amazing to see the amount of dust and fluff that's on your face, even after cleansing!

Finally the moisturiser. Like I mentioned I have really quite dry skin and need a lot of moisture to keep me going or else the flakiness appears - yuck! At the MAC counter I picked up the Studio Prep and Prime Moisture Charged Gel for £26.50 I believe, and am using that combined with my Liz Earle minatures to keep me topped up. I love both products, they work well together or apart for me :)

So overall I am in love with this skincare routine and I am just about to place an order for the full sized versions here.

Are you a Liz Earle fanatic? Any products I should try? Let me know below!

If I Were a Rich Girl #6

1) Yes, I am a complete Hunger Games fiend, I love the story, I love the characters and I really cannot wait to see the film! This t-shirt is available on Cafe Press, and I love the quotes and pictures on it.

2) I don't know what it is about frosted perspex at the moment but it seems to be a material that's trending in loads of shops. The cute little purse is from Topshop and reminds me of the exact colours of a Chupa Chop strawberries and cream lolly, yummy! The two tone contrast shopped bag is from New Look and I thought it'd be perfect for the beach for when I go on holiday. (Well, I'm not actually going to a beach, but it'd be nice to carry my things to the pool!)

3) Similarly this bikini cover up is cute enough to be worn around the hotel, in the restaurant after a hard day's lazing by the water, Topshop.

4) I love Jelly Belly candles! My bf bought me the Toasted Marshmallow one for Christmas, and of course that has now run out, but I can imagine the bubble gum one would smell lush too. I think you can get these from Amazon?

5) Mac lipstick, ultimate (for me) lipstick perfection. I am trying to branch out in my lipstick wearing, going bolder, more daring, so a punchy pink would be perfect.


Fangirling the Hunger Games

Is anyone else obsessed with the Hunger Games? I know that it's turning out to be one of those really popular series where everyone's all 'Team Gale' 'Team Peeta' but I really can't help but love the story. It's got me completely hooked! And here I am, a member of District 1 :) Quite happy with that!

There's only 18 days until the film comes out and I am over half way through the trilogy.

Have you read the books? Are you going to watch the film?