Cosmetically Craving

Clockwise: Posie Tint - Benefit, Dream Bouncy Blush - Maybelline,
Turkish Delight - Nars, Lip Butter - Revlon, Studio Sclupt - MAC
Just a few products that I am currently coveting that I have spied either in store or around in the blogosphere.

1) Posietint is a cheek and lip stain from Benefit which retails for £24.50. It's a lovely pinky colour which would be perfect for a natural summer flush.
2) I have seen many reviews of this odd little product on YouTube on account for the fact that they are not available in the UK, and I don't know if they will be. Maybelline describes the blush as a cream to powder, but having seen how others have described it in the packaging it's more like a playdoh consistency (YouTube search 'dream bouncy blush' to see what I mean). I really am intrigued!
3) Kim Kardashian wears this Nars shade on her lips...so I want to to. No other reason that the fact that I love Kim K! (Aside, the colour is gorgeous too of course!)
4) Another product that's been raved about on the 'net. I went into Boots today but I couldn't see any of these beauts on the stand :( I guess that they could have been sold out though? I know that Boots is doing a buy 1 for £7.99 or 2 for £10.
5) I recently saw this recommended for people with dry skin as it's a hydrating foundation and I would like to give it a go...roll on next payday and MAC won't know what's hit them, so much on my to buy list in there!

Any products you're wanting at the moment?

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