Today I'm Wearing...

Cardigan: New Look
Top: River Island
Skirt: River Island
Necklace: Mawi for Disney Couture

People around me will be aware that I have somewhat run myself into the ground of late. I am non stop working, uni-ing and any spare moment I spend asleep - time is so precious! But, I am now at home on my Easter break (although I haven't managed to escape my uni life, I have brought my revision and my work home with me!) and have been basking in the glory of my comfy bed since Tuesday. Of course I haven't spend the past few days in bed, I took the liberty of spending a few birthday £££ in Plymouth.

I have named this outfit my little lace look. Not one for having tops do up right at my neck (a girl needs to breathe, non!) the lace tie on this cute little top hangs down and sort of forms some decorative detail. I am totally in love with the pastel ice cream shades that are all out at the moment, and this pink top is so delicious! (£20). My skirt again is a concoction of cream lace and silky underskirt which, thankfully just pulls up over my legs and can sit on my hips of waist depending on my mood. There's no fiddly zips or buttons on this beauty! (£16).

Bit more of a close up on the lace detailing on the top and the skirt - so pretty! And of course I have my ever trusty Minnie Mouse headband necklace on to give me an extra bit of sparkle :)

What are your favourite trends at the moment? Loving my lace ensemble?

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