Ciate's 3D Caviar Manicure

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that one of my all time favourite nail paint shades is 'Cupcake Queen' by one of my all time favourite nail polish brands, Ciate. I admit that I only found out about Ciate from a free polish with Marie Claire a few moons ago, but honestly since then I have found myself lusting over every colour and definitely every collection. And here, my good people, is a 3-D nail collection that blows all other do-it-yourself nail art out of the water: Caviar Manicure.

Mother of Pearl
Black Pearl


The very name of these kits sounds luxurious, like something extra delicious that's just waiting to be experienced, and by the look of the packaging how can you not agree? The idea is simple, paint a layer of polish over a clean nail, sprinkle the caviar like beads onto each nail, press on the beads to embed them in the polish and apply a little bit of top coat on the tip of each nail to ensure staying power and longevity. To watch the intriguing video about application click here and more information from Ciate's website can be found here.

I know that I am definitely going to be lusting after Rainbow, nails that look like hundreds and thousands? Yes please! Priced at £18, and available from March 26th.

Also lusting after Beach Melba, Superficial, and Couture (individual nail polishes priced at £9 each).

Are you a Ciate fan? Tempted by 3D nails? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. omg it's so weird... and so beautiful at the same time!! I've never tried a 3D manicure (unless you count Fimo fruit ahaha) but I'm intrigued!! :)


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