Happy Mother's Day! I Knew That You Were Coming So I Baked A Cake...

My Mummy's currently out walking with one of her friends so while she's out I decided to channel my inner culinary goddess and bake a cake for her for Mother's Day :)

I haven't done any baking in so long and had so many visions in my head about what I wanted to bake, and I went through the cupboards looking for cake mix and ingredients etc. No such pre-prepared cake mix could be found so I decided to jump right in with a recipe and make my own cake mix. For this cake I followed a simple cupcake recipe, using (for each cake half), 100g of self raising flour, 100g of caster sugar, 2 eggs, 100g of butter and 1/2tsp of vanilla extract. I whisked everything together in a mixing bowl and set them in the oven at 180 degrees. Now I'm not the world's best cake maker, I used the exact same ingredients for each half but they both came out completely differently...hmmm. But I spread lots of Bonne Maman strawberry jam on the bottom half and then made up some butter and icing sugar to create buttercream (with a hint of vanilla extract) and spread that on top of the jam, looks so yummy, non!?

I wanted to write Happy Mother's Day on the top but decided just to spread glace icing on the top and sprinkled on some hundreds and thousands.

Good enough to eat!!

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