If I Were a Rich Girl #6

1) Yes, I am a complete Hunger Games fiend, I love the story, I love the characters and I really cannot wait to see the film! This t-shirt is available on Cafe Press, and I love the quotes and pictures on it.

2) I don't know what it is about frosted perspex at the moment but it seems to be a material that's trending in loads of shops. The cute little purse is from Topshop and reminds me of the exact colours of a Chupa Chop strawberries and cream lolly, yummy! The two tone contrast shopped bag is from New Look and I thought it'd be perfect for the beach for when I go on holiday. (Well, I'm not actually going to a beach, but it'd be nice to carry my things to the pool!)

3) Similarly this bikini cover up is cute enough to be worn around the hotel, in the restaurant after a hard day's lazing by the water, Topshop.

4) I love Jelly Belly candles! My bf bought me the Toasted Marshmallow one for Christmas, and of course that has now run out, but I can imagine the bubble gum one would smell lush too. I think you can get these from Amazon?

5) Mac lipstick, ultimate (for me) lipstick perfection. I am trying to branch out in my lipstick wearing, going bolder, more daring, so a punchy pink would be perfect.

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