Have I Finally Found my HG of Shampoos?!

 As a girl not blessed with poker straight hair (my preferred style of choice) I have always been on the lookout for shampoos and treatments that claim to tame the frizz. I'm pretty terrible at staying with one brand of shampoo, all time favourites will always be Alberto Balsaam (coconut and strawberry flavours) and Tressemme of course, but when I was in Boots again the other day and saw this Mark Hill offering with money off I thought I'd jump the gun and see if the formula lives up to the claims on the bottle.
And guess what, to my greatest surprise, it does!! I have no idea how this formula works but my hair seems to absolutely love it, I've come over all shiny and tamed :)

I was initially drawn to the exciting packaging. Mark Hill has always had exciting packaging for lovers of animal print. I for one own the mini leopard print hairdryer, and have used previous shampoos with the same leopard print design. The brand has has a redesign of late which has worked wonderfully. The multicoloured Zebra stripes of these bottles certainly add a little bit of extra excitement to the bathroom!
The fact that these are squeeze tubes too makes me extra happy because I know I'll be able to get (almost) all of the formula out, I hate it when you're on your last dregs of conditioner and you've got to stand the bottle upside down the day before your next hair wash to make sure the conditioner comes out, nightmare!

I have, honestly, seen a notable difference to my hair with this shampoo and conditioner, so much so that I took up Boots on the 3 for 2 offer on skincare, haircare and make-up and bought another bottle of each. I absolutely love this, the ends of my hair are less dry, my hair feels longer because it's straighter and I've come over all super glossy and healthy. Each bottle is priced at £5.49 and available exclusively at Boots nationwide. Also check out the website here for more information. I know I'll be trying the holiday hair care range next, but I definitely think I've found my Holy Grail of shampoos!

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  1. I always have problem with choosing a shampoo, whenever i go to supermarket! now i use CLEAR...


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