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I went to Ikea yesterday for the first time in three or four years and came out with a few goodies, and only around £10 lighter! The three little tubs are so useful for keeping jewellery tucked away, as well as being long enough to fit in eyeliner pencils, mascara tubes and other make-up pieces. They retail at £1.69 for 3 (and they're stackable). The two candles smell like vanilla ice-cream and red berries, so yummy at £1.29 each. They're also long lasting, I have burnt a little of the berry one down already and it gives off a scrummy room scent. (Just don't leave candles unattended or in a draughty room!) My mirror is so cute for a £4.29 price, with 10% off and a further discount with an Ikea Family Card. I love the beading around the edge!

 I had been wanting a cute black handbag that is stylish yet also durable for everyday usage be it to work or to lectures. This one is a boho type slouchy bag, retailing at £35 but I for £10 off in the Miss Selfridge concession of my local BHS. Get on down!
In fact there are lots of lovely Autumn/Winter clothes that have just come out in Miss Selfridge that if I can shed some lbs, and save some £££ then I will definitely be purchasing some big knitwear, scarves and fabulous jewellery. Whilst my major love is bags, I am partial to the odd pair of shoes too and each winter will always rock a lovely pair of brown boots. I have yet to source them for this winter so I'll perhaps have to venture to Miss Selfridge and see what they can offer.
And who doesn't love Mean Girls? Granted this film is the sequel to the highly popular teen chick flick but I had to watch it all the same. It doesn't live up to the original because it tries to be the original film, what with a different story line and different scenarios. It does however borrow some of the well known icons from the first film, the 'Plastics' are back, as is 'Principal Duvall' and there are a few laughs in it, but to be honest, like the curse of most sequels, it isn't all that spectacular. The first film was so quotable, I think that sells it in itself!

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