Products I've Used Up: January Empties

Another month, another round of empty products! This pleases me, especially as I have to merge two bedrooms into one in June!

Pearl Drops Mouthwash - I bought this to accompany a Pearl Drops whitening toothpaste in an effort to whiten my teeth. It promised that it'd help my mouth stay fresh and my teeth look white. I definitely felt like I had a fresher mouth, but, alongside the toothpaste it did nothing to aid the whitening of my teeth. Not planning on repurchasing.

Good Things Facial Wipes - I adore the Good Things brand but absolutely hated these wipes. They smell horrendous and were far too 'wet' for my liking. Definitely not repurchasing.

Good Things Deep Pore Cleanser - This did absolutely nothing for my pores, but smelled delicious and worked fantastically at getting rid of excess fluff and dirt from my face after cleansing. I would repurchase, but want to try something else first.

Tesco Multivitamins - I have no idea really how I'm supposed to feel with taking multivitamins. They didn't make me feel any different, and they didn't really leave a nice taste in my mouth. Not repurchasing.

That Gal Mini - I wasn't overly wowed by this product but it smells delicious and comes out of the tube in a pink liquid so what's not to love!? I'm still not convinced a face primer does anything spectacular underneath my foundation, but That Gal provides a lovely base and makes my face feel more radiant. I would repurchase, but I have many more primers to use first.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion - I got this in a sample box, I forget which one, and it really only lasted me 2 applications. I wasn't overly wowed by it, and definitely didn't feel any firming effects after such a short space of time so I don't think I'll be buying this one.

Tesco Everyday Value Cotton Wool - I think this cotton wool was only about 49p which is pretty good value for 80 little round cotton pads. I really liked these, they did their job well and didn't break or pull apart when I applied a liquid product. Definite repurchase.

Sanctuary Moisturiser - I absolutely hated this moisturiser. It felt greasy on my skin, not at all nourishing and it was a struggle to make myself finish it, good thing I only bought a travel size! Definitely not repurchasing.

Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It - I got this in a recent Glossybox and again it was a struggle to make myself finish it. I really didn't feel that this was working on me at all. The beads were just too micro, and the scent was horrible. Definitely not repurchasing.

Carex Strawberry Laces Hand Wash - I liked the sound of this on the shelf in Tesco, and definitely liked the price when it was on special offer (around 97p I believe) but I had high hopes of a sweet, strawberry smell and didn't really get that. It worked fine as a hand wash, but let me down on the smell front. Not planning to repurchase.

Benefit Toner - This is a lovely little toner, incredibly refreshing and does the job of removing excess dirt and fluff beautifully. I'm not entirely sure what toner is actually supposed to do, other than remove debris after cleansing, but whatever it is I'm sure this product is doing it. I just love Benefit skincare! A definite repurchase.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion - As much as I adore the Benefit skin care this is one product I could do without, unless they change the packaging. It comes in a glass type bottle and you have to really use some welly to try and get the product to come out onto your hand to use it and this annoys me greatly. But apart from that I do love it as a moisturiser. Would repurchase (if the packaging changes!).

MAC Moisture Gel - In a quest to rid my face of dry skin I thought I'd try a super thick moisturiser, and this one from MAC did the job very well. It's gel like consistency that applies very smoothly, and evenly and I really enjoyed using it. The only problem is the price, it's just shy of £30 and is not something I can afford regularly. Probably won't repurchase this one until I win the lottery...

I feel like I'm being quite negative with my empties this month, but I guess you can't win all the time with products! At least I know now what to save my money on in the future.

What have you finished this month?


  1. Haha, aww it's a shame most things didn't work that well for you! The Benefit toner sounds lovely though, I haven't tried any of their skincare yet! xo

  2. You should get the chocolate orange version of the hand wash, it smells incredible! We always have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen because its so good :) xx

  3. I hated the Good Things wipes, totally over priced as well x

  4. I also got the Anatomicals don't clean it scrub it, it's rubbish isn't it i'm not repurchasing either xxxxxx

  5. Love good honest reviews!! Its a life-saver when looking for new products to try, very informative post! Was thinking of trying some of the Benefit skincare some time soon

  6. I keep looking for cheap cotton wool pads I never thought of Tesco how silly haha! Think I'm going to try them!

    emilie xx


  7. i love the feeling of finishing products...i feel so accomplished...but if its expensive i dont love the feeling of wanting to buy it again but not being able to afford it :(

    heres all my empties haha http://stephanieslook.blogspot.com/2013/01/empties-2.html

    new follower :) love your blog already

  8. You're making me feel bad...I didn't finish anything. Bad me!!!! Hahaha

    Just found your blog via the BBU Blog Hop thing and love it :)



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