Design Tweaks & A New Header!

I woke up yesterday morning to read a fabulous e-mail that put a big smile on my face.

Aly, from Wonderland Beauty, had scribbled me a little note to say that she'd designed and made me a blog header, all completely unprompted by me. I was a little nervous opening the atachment, especially as I hadn't asked anyone to design me a blog header and I'm not sure of what I'd have wanted to put on it, but all my worries passed over when I saw the image that now takes pride of place at the top of my blog. I absolutley love it, especially the font and the little lovehearts over each of the 'i' letters in the words. I also actually sign my name with a big curly 'L' so that suits me perfectly too!

Thank-you so much Aly! Such an unexpected, and thoughtful, gift :)

Do you love my new header?
Go and check out Aly's blog <3

Ps. I now have some social media buttons! So if you're not following me on Twitter, or Instagram, or even Tumblr then click the relevant button in the side bar and it'll take you to my page :) 


  1. Really cute header! I will definitely check out Aly's blog :) xx

  2. Aw you're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoy it :) x


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