Review | Boots Extracts Body Butters

On a recent trip to the Metrocentre my housemate bought a coconut flavoured body butter, which, at the time, was the only one left on the shelf, and I instantly became quite jealous. It smelled delicious, and looked exactly like the body butter I'd previously been eying up in the Body Shop (but didn't fancy forking out almost £15 for). At £7.95 each I was tempted to find a Boots employee and purchase a body butter of my own, but resisted, telling myself that I had far too much body butter to use up at home already.

As you can tell from the images in this post that that didn't work. In fact, when I went back to the Boots in Durham, and got left alone for 5 minutes while another friend was being matched to a No7 foundation, I ventured upstairs to be faced with a 3 for 2 on indulgent bathing. Cue me ending up paying for 3 body butters, instead of the one coconut one I'd originally wanted. I really must stop doing this...

I'm so glad I picked up these body butters though, they've triumphed all of my other body lotions that I have on the go at the moment - which is saying something! Boots state that their body butter 'intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth', and I couldn't agree more, which is a good thing considering I bought three and as ever, the smell enticed me in! There's just something about coconut, vanilla and cocoa bean scents that I can't get enough of at the moment. 

The consistency of the butter is so silky it's like applying satin to your skin, and the scent lingers, but not too powerfully, for a little while after application which makes me want to lick my skin (which, or course is a little odd and I don't actually do that...). The result? Beautifully smooth and hydrated skin which makes me a happy girlie. What's more is that they're all fair trade and the cocoa butter and coconut butter are both organic - *waves goodbye to nasty ingredients*. 

I can't praise these highly enough, I might even ask for some of the other scents for my birthday, the mango one also looked delightful...

What's your favourite scent? 


  1. I love the body shops coconut body butter. Its my all time favourite! x

  2. Haha I am exactly the same as you - I go in just to 'browse' and end up spending way too much money! These body butters look so yummy, I love all those scents. Will have to try them out! x

  3. They sound good and much cheaper than the Body Shop ones that I love!

    Nicola xo

  4. Okay cya Body Shop Body Butters! I'm sold xx


  5. Ahhhh body butters, probably the hardest thing it is for me to resist buying more when I already have tons!

  6. great review, you've really made me want to go out and try these :) Love the idea that they feel silky on the skin, nothing worse than a greasy heavy body butter that takes ages to absorb x

  7. i love buying body butter, i always buy far too much, love having a pot kicking about! i agree though, the body shop ones are just slightly out of my price range. i haven't tried the boots ones, but the vanilla one looks great, i love everything vanilla scented. i use the superdrug body butters, i really rate them and they're even cheaper than the boots version. x

  8. These look so yummy! I haven't tried these body butters, but I've tried the Boots Coconut lip butter and it's really awesome! <3

  9. I love their products! I have the cocoa butter cream and that smells and works fabulous. I love the coconut scent they use and have got myself the body wash of it. Had no idea they done a Vanilla scent! Will have to go and check it out! X x

  10. I literally love these body butters! All the scents smell amazing especially the cocoa butter :)

    Lauren xx

  11. I'm sucker for promos too! Boots gets me everytime. However yesterday I bought the Moringa body butter from the Body Shop and I'm never looking back! Great blog! xx


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