Woodland Bunnies Ice Lolly Maker

I know that this post is a little out of sorts with the time of year, but I wanted to share my latest find in order to brighten up yet another miserable monday morning. 

Behold dot com giftshop's woodland bunnies ice lolly maker retailing at a bargain £4.95. If you know me you know that I am obsessed with all things rabbit. It's no secret that the first thing I will adopt when I move in to a house of my own is a gorgeous cuddly bunny, and I feel that I need to own any item that features a rabbit. 

As I'm *trying* to kick myself into a more healthier lifestyle I thought that making my own frozen treats would be better than buying them from the supermarket - I can control the ingredients, and there are so many yummy recipes floating around the internet for delicious creations that I am eager to make.  

There are six cute little bunnies featured in this ice lolly maker, all made out of durable multicoloured plastic. They have the sweetest little faces, and their ears and heads form the lolly handle and the stick. The lolly moulds are attached to the tray they sit in, but the bunnies heads are removable so that you can fill the mould with some yummy fruit juice or frozen yoghurt and then re-attach the heads in order to freeze. 

Borrowed from dot com giftshop.
The rest of the photos I took of my lolly making process came out all blurry and the lighting was wrong so I've borrowed this image from dot com gift shop to show you just how adorable these little bunnies are. I know that sounds strange as I'm writing about an ice lolly maker (!) but you can't not help but think it can you? 

The process of lolly making is incredible simple, I used my lolly mould to make two orange squash lollies first and they're currently sitting in the freezer waiting for me to eat them. I'm definitely excited for the summer now when I can use these little guys properly and not feel odd eating an ice lolly in the winter! 

Are you an ice lolly or an ice cream fan?
What's your favourite treat?


  1. they are unbelievably cute xxx

  2. This is so ridiculously cute! I really don't need these but am really tempted to buy!

  3. These are so cute, I remember my mum making me ice lollies like that when I was younger! xo

  4. haha i love how this post is so Louise! Definitely brightened my day!


  5. these are adorable, they're the sweetest! xx

  6. Oh gosh how cute are they!? haha! :) xxxx

  7. Okay these are WAY too cute! Home made ice lollies are one of my fave...sweet snack with like zero calories? Yes please! xx



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