Bourjois Rouge Edition: 03 Peche Cosy

Another day, another new lip product. My lip 'basket' where I keep all of my lipsticks in my uni house is overflowing, but I can't seem to stop buying lipstick! Having gone almost 22 years without wearing anything on my lips save for the odd bit of Vaseline, my sudden abundance of lip products has taken me as much by surprise as it has my bank balance! 

Bourjois have brought out a range of 17 new lip colours that really caught my attention in Boots. Armed with an extra points voucher I knew I wanted to pick some up and collect my points (I don't know what I'm saving my advantage card points for, but they're being saved none the less!) and opted for a peachy orange that I knew would see me transition nicely into spring.

I haven't owned a peach/orange lipstick before. Coral, yes, but I've never made the dive into actual orange territory. Swatching this beauty in store however really made me change my mind, I adore the colour, the pigmentation is great, payoff is a little sheer on application but then it builds up to a beautiful creamy finish (think MAC Creamsheen and you're along the right lines). My lips felt hydrated as the formula is not at all drying, and yet at the same time it wasn't sticky or too moist in order to get my hair stuck in it (definitely one of my pet hates!). 

I applied a very light covering of Peche Cosy to my lips because I'm still not completely confident about it, but it's such a beautiful colour that I can't leave it alone. The swatched is heavily applied however so you can really see the depth of the colour payoff, isn't it gorgeous? 

I think it's fair to say, that after my beloved MAC lipsticks Bourjois' Rouge Editions have risen right to number 2 in my most loved lipstick collections. I'm so tempted to keep going back and pick up another one each time I buy my lunch in Boots, but at £7.99 each, while not completely unaffordable, they're more on the pricier side of the 'drugstore' makeup prices.

Have you tried a peach/orange lip colour before?
What's your favourite lipstick brand?


  1. love ur blog i am following u on GFC..hope u follow me back..and enter my ongoing international give away

  2. What a gorgeous colour! I've actually never tried a Bourjois lipstick before, these sound lovely though!


  3. It's such a pretty spring colour!x

  4. Oh that shade looks lovely on you! I actually adore all of the shades from that range xx

  5. This looks so pretty on you! I don't know how well oranges suit me, but I love a good coral, so maybe I'll take the next step and try orange :)

  6. thanks for the review! ive been obsessed with coral lipsticks, but i cant seem to find 'the' coral shade for me. will definitely try this colour out when i see it!


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