Feel Unique Beauty Box: October

I heard about feelunique.com offering their version of a beauty box around about the same time I got involved in Glossybox and immediately fell in love with the concept of being sent a box of beauty goodies for me to play with. Feel Unique offer their box at £9.95 per month, which is just about £3 cheaper than Glossybox's £12.95, also per month. Glossybox and Feel Unique's Beauty Box have fast become my two favourites. Whilst I found myself signing up to receive Boudoir Prive and Amarya too, I have now since cancelled both subscriptions on receipt of my first two boxes, trying to justify spending over £40 a month on these services was a little too much, so I chose to stay subscribed to the two boxes I was most excited to receive.

October's Feel Unique box is my first from their company and I have to admit that I am most impressed with service, speed and most of all my level of excitement to receive my little package this morning. I received an e-mail from the company yesterday to say that my box had been dispatched and here it is this morning, all the way from Jersey!

First of all, the packaging. The outer box is a simple brown cardboard with 'feelunique.com Beauty Box' on it in simple, yet stylish black lettering. Unlike Glossybox or Boudoir Prive you might not know immediately, especially if you've never had a box before, what this package might contain. Both Glossybox and Boudoir Prive have their own distinctive packaging with their logos on each box. When I was handed my little brown box I turned it over to reveal the lettering and my excitement heightened, my box was here!

Once you tear off the packing tape the sophistication and style of what you're about to receive really reaches out to you, especially, if you're like me and love the design of the product's packaging almost as much as the product itself! Like Glossybox, FeelUnique send your beauty goodies in a sturdy little box, however FeelUnique's packaging is more of a 'pull the drawer by the ribbon handle to reveal' rather than a 'lift the lid' type of box. I really like the sleek and simple design of this box, the drawers will pile up in the months to come to make a perfect little stacking tower, perfect to keep bits and pieces in. There's no tissue and ribbon with the box, but the simple act of opening the drawer to reveal what you've been sent is just the same type of feeling you get when you carefully peal off the Glossybox sticker and unravel the ribbon. The shredded springy pieces of black paper are included to keep all of your products from slipping and sliding around in transit, and I rather like the nest effect, especially when you find yourself digging around in the paper to see if there's anything you've missed!

Onto the products themselves. I received 5 products in total, and a perfume sample, as pictured here. I love the fact that they're included something for every part of your body and these set of products are themed around the idea of 'Pre-Winter Warmers. The perfect solutions to ease those pre winter blues'. As I said that I have only just received my box this morning, I have yet to try any of these products but will, no doubt about it, in the very near future. Here I have chosen to show the products how I received them in the box, all nestled in lovely, and then in more detail. I received (Clockwise) Burberry body perfume sample, Bliss fabulous foaming face wash, Orly nail Lacqquer, TIGI Catwalk blow out balm, Caudalie day fluid, and Crabtree & Evelyn moisturising hand therapy - all of which I am very happy with and cannot wait to try out!

 The products are all good sizes, no sachets, or teeny tiny amounts so that you can't get a good feel for how they work and what they do so this is a good way for me to see how well they work with my skin/body and whether of not I would like to purchase. One of the great things about FeelUnique.com is that they offer free P&P and included in the box is a discount code for 10% off the brands featured in this months box that you can purchase from the website. Although I have not offered any type of review for the products yet, I wanted to offer my my first impressions of FeelUnique's Beauty Box and I can safely say that I am one very happy customer indeed. The products featured in this month's box certainly offer a way to beat that pre winter feeling when you've left your summer glow behind and need to shake up the routine in time to protect your skin and hair from the harsh weather (especially if you're like me, and living in the North East of England!). 
So go on, what are you waiting for? Sign up for november: here


  1. oooo, Love it - Can't wait to get home from work to see what I got in mine!!! xxxx May even do a post too on my Blog


  2. Loving your nail polish!! I got it in red instead. :)

  3. My first box and I'm so impressed! I hope you guys were too, thank-you for your comments :)


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