Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

Armed with my student loan on a recent quest into my local Boots I decided to aim to include some more high end make-up products into my beauty collection. I own my fair share of products from a variety of price tags, mainly Benefit and some Mac, but never had I decided to splash out on a pricey mascara and thought I'd give Lancome' Hypnose Doll Eyes a try. I'd seen their advert for this mascara in a magazine and was amazed at how the model's lashes looked and although I know that most of the time lash inserts are used, or the lashes are enchanted in post production, I seemed fairly confident that I could aim to recreate that wide eyed cute and girly look myself.


The packaging is so sophisticated and pretty, the outer box the mascara comes in is silver, and the tube is black with a floral design that wraps delicately all away around. The tube itself is what I would describe as 'curvy', it's not a straight tube and feels like it's been designed to sit snuggly in your hand when you apply the mascara. I always believe that the shape of the mascara tube helps in the application of the product because without the right grip and comfort you might not find yourself at the right angle to completely perfect the look of the lashes that you had intended. Lancome have got this right and it makes the application much better and easier.

The brush is something I rather like and it allows you to give your lashes a sort of fanned out look, like you've just opened your eyes and your lashes have expanded to keep you cool. The brush is fatter and one end and then thins out, so that when you're applying the mascara the fatter end makes the lashes on the outer corner of your eye more fanned out than the inner lashes as they are only reached by the thinner end of the brush. This is a very clever brush in my opinion and works really very well. I am blessed to have naturally long lashes anyway and this mascara enhances them beautifully. The picture on the left shows my lashes without any product and the right depicts only one coat of the mascara. See how my lashes look all fanned out and gorgeous?

Doll Eyes is currently my mascara of choice, it has surpassed all others in my make-up bag and will continue to do so until I branch out to try another high end replica. I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara and really do love the way it makes my lashes look and believe it adds another dimension to my made up face in the mornings. I found my Doll Eyes in Boots for £20.50, a definite must have for your make-up bag and the fact that I chose to purchase this mascara as the first product into my journey of high end items gives me high hope for whatever else I chose to purchase.

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  1. Great results!! I wanna try this so bad. Definitely on my wish list!! :)


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