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Burt's Bees Banana Hand Cream,
Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Conditioner,
Sugar Striptease Hair Removal Wax
Garnier BB Cream in 'Light'
With the arrival of my student loan, and my current obsession with beauty products and trying to grow my hair and make it look super sleek and shiny, I have been going a bit crazy on the purchasing and receiving of items that I have seen reviewed or simply on the offer shelves in my local Boots and Superdrug. My wicker baskets are overflowing on my dressing table, and I think I must have yet another clear out soon enough, who wants to put ages old products on their skin anyway, certainly not me!
Having only received these products today I cannot offer a suitable review but I did briefly try out the products in terms of smell and visual impact.

Burt's Bees hand cream does, as it says on the jar, smell very strongly of bananas, sort of like those foam banana sweets you get in the Candy King Pic N' Mixes at the cinema or in Tesco. I personally enjoy the smell of bananas but not the taste and so this appealed to me a lot. It's a solid creamy texture until you rub it onto your hands when it turns a little more fluid and soaks in nicely and leaves you all soft and smooth. The only downside was that the banana smell wears away on first use and in its place comes a more waxy aroma. The packaging is simple and true to the Burt's Bees brand. This is my first Burt's Bees purchase and it has definitely made me want to source out more. I got my hand cream for around £8 from feelunique.com.

The Dove conditioner looks incredibly exciting as I have been searching for a reasonably priced hair mask for a while and low and behold I come across this product which is not only a mask like conditioner, but it claims to be 3x more conditioning than normal. I'm excited to try this out because it has a two tone colour effect, white and a honey yellow colour. It smells very clean and fresh and will hopefully provide me with healthy hair when I manage to try it out. I am always conscious however of using a conditioner that is different to my shampoo, I don't know why, but something in my head tells me that by not using the same brand or type of conditioner as the shampoo it just won't work. Perhaps to combat this, I'll shampoo and condition first and then use this as a mask treatment afterwards. I managed to buy this for £1.60 in Superdrug as Dove is currently on offer.

The Sugar Striptease hair removal product was a bit of a novelty to me. I have to hold my hands up here and admit that yes, I am a waxing virgin, I have never done it myself or had it professionally done and while I hold myself out to have a high pain threshold I would like to put myself in the right frame of mind before I embark on any waxing journey. I was drawn to this product because of the fact that you have to put the tub in the microwave before use, to heat up to solution in order to lather it on. This, I can imagine might be rather fiddly, and difficult but I can't wait to have a go all the same! I bought this little kit for around £10 from feelunique.com.

My final buy for today was Garnier's BB cream in the 'light' colour. This product has had mixed reviews from what I have seen and to be honest I am not really sure what I am supposed to do with it. To me it's a bit like a tinted moisturiser come foundation base but we'll see what happens when I apply it to my face tomorrow morning. I did a little tester on my hand and it did brighten my skin and fill in some of the lines on my hand so I have high hopes for my face. Superdrug are offering £2 off this cream at the moment and I picked this up for £7.99.

I am sure that once I familiarise myself with these goodies I will be able to say more about how they work and what they do, but for now I shall look forward to using them properly!

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